Concrete pumps are one of the many tools that reduce labour in the construction sites. Since there is an alternative on how concrete can be mixed and conveyed, knowledge of this machine will assist the operator on how to efficiently use concrete pumps, and this is what you stand to achieve after reading this article. 

In this article, we will talk about: 

  • A brief introduction to concrete pumps and where they can be used.
  • Types and parts of a concrete pump with mixer.
  • How to operate a concrete pump with a mixer.
  • How to maintain a concrete pump with a mixer. 
  • And then some extra tips on the machine.

Ready? Let’s sail!

What is a Concrete Pump With Mixer?

A concrete pump is a large machine/tool used for mixing concrete and transporting liquid concrete through a discharging pump. It is often operated by an operator controlling the robotic arm which is also called “boom”.

Concrete pump with a mixer is often used in mines, bridge construction sites, dams, roads and any other construction sites you can think of. 


 A concrete pump with mixer can be operated by:

  • Starting the mixer after pouring in the water and cement.
  • Drawing liquid concrete from the hopper by a piston into the pipe, then pump through the discharge pipes or hose.
  • The second cylinder then transfers the concrete through the hose or a robotic arm to where it is needed by the operator in the truck.

The steps will be later discussed. However, let’s look at the types of concrete pump. There are three types of concrete pumps.

The Types of Concrete Pumps are:

  1. A trailer, line or a stationary concrete pump.
  2. Boom or a truck-mounted concrete pump.
  3. Specialized usage of a concrete pump.

So a quick explanation on the types of concrete pump before we move on to its steps and procedure.

The trailer, line or stationary concrete pump is the smaller-sized pump usually attached to a truck. It has a rubber or steel hose for the outlet and is mostly used in sidewalks or ground slab jobs. These type pumps at a slower rate.

While the boom or truck-mounted concrete pump is more appropriate for roads and highway projects as they are larger. It is mounted on a semi- truck or a truck and then used to convey the liquid concrete to where it is wanted through its multi-purpose robotic arm. This is commonly used for concrete pumping.

Although, a storage-usage concrete pump is used for specialized for larger sites like mines and tunnels, but they are not frequently used because of the high purchasing cost.

Parts of Concrete Pump include:

  1. Truck.
  2. Boom 1 and Boom 2.
  3. Boom cylinder 1 and 2
  4. Delivery pipe
  5. Turntable
  6. Outrigger
  7. Pumping system
  8. End hose

How To Operate a Concrete Pump With Mixer.

A concrete pump mixer is one that has a mixer attached to it so that while it pumps and conveys concrete, it also mixes the concrete with water to produce large and quality concrete in a short time. It works using advanced methods like hydraulic loop, distribution valve and electrical proportional control. The procedure to operate a concrete pump with mixer will be listed in steps. These steps are:

  • Step 1 ~ Mount the concrete pump on the available truck depending on the type of concrete pump. Also, ensure the parts are in the right order. No leakage, no wear. Don’t forget to lubricate the machine.
  • Step 2~ Attach the mixer to the concrete pump appropriately, then ensure the shaft end seal is filled and coated with grease to avoid the cement sticking to it. Also, check the lining plate and the mixing blade.
  • Step 3~ Pour the recommended amount of water into the barrel, then add the concrete and activate the mixer. Mix for 3-5 minutes.
  • Step 4~ When the mixer mixes the concrete completely, tip it to pour the concrete through the outlet into the collection hopper.
  • Step 5~ Allow the concrete to be filtered through the collection hopper and then control it to pour directly to the main chute then to the end hose which is pointing to where it is needed.
  • Step 6~ Ensure there is a rhythmic and continuous flow to avoid drying up of the cement.

Now that you know how to operate a concrete pump with mixer, it will be very good to know how to maintain it.

How to Maintain a Concrete Pump with Mixer. 

  1. Regularly check and monitor the machine systematically.
  2. Fix all the breakdown and replace all the bad materials and parts.
  3. Check the water level and always use the recommended amount of water.
  4. Always lubricate the machine and the mixer ends.
  5. Always practise and maintain occupational safety precautions.

So a few tips on the concrete pump with mixer before we round up.

Like we said earlier, a concrete pump with mixer is always expensive, so never forget to provide a cover for it to protect it from harsh weather conditions. It might also be of use to know that a concrete pump can pump up to 150 meters, and you can hire this machine per hour. A concrete pump machine is a very valuable tool to the construction companies, so if you are into construction and building, you had better buy or rent one. 

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