Are Hair Fibers Permanent? How Long Do Hair Fibers Last?

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Have you heard of a new technique to cover up your bald patches or thinning areas on the scalp? This technique is the keratin hair fibers. It is a nonsurgical method for filling in the bald spots on the scalp.

There are several advantages to using hair fibers including their pocket-friendly cost and convenience in use.

If you don’t know much about hair fibers, how to use them, how long do hair fibers last, read till the end to find answers to all your queries. You can even check online for Toppik hair fiber price in Pakistan online and compare it with other similar hair products available in other countries.

How do you explain hair-building fibers?

Hair building fibers or simply hair fibers are a keratin protein-made product used to conceal hair-less patches on the scalp. Hair fibers are available in spray form and powder form so that you can sprinkle over your required area.

The hair fibers are available in a variety of colors and shades to harmonize with your natural hair.

How do hair fibers work?

The concept of hair fibers is innovational and the mechanism it follows is quite simple.

The hair fibers work on static energy. This implies that the hair fibers carry positive charges and the human hair is negatively charged. As we all know, opposite charges attract. The hair fibers when sprayed over the scalp, easily cling to the natural hair. In this way, the hair fibers furnish the wearer with a completely natural appearance.

The hair fibers do not fall off your face and shoulders. These can be effortlessly washed and removed.

Moreover, you do not require any binding product to keep hair fibers attached to your scalp.

Who are eligible to use hair fibers?

Hair fibers can be used by anyone who suffers from hair loss. However, these are a few people who can consider using this safe and effective hair product.

  • If someone has very thin scalp hair and that the skin shows underneath.
  • People who have low hair volume and the hair seem flat.
  • People who suffer from hair loss.
  • People who have small bald patches on the scalp.

It is to be noted that hair fibers require negative charges to stay on the scalp. Therefore, these cannot be used on an entirely bald head. Minor bald patches can be covered and most importantly, hair fibers are wonderful to use on hair thinning areas. At places, where you have thin hair, using hair fibers, can make them appear voluminous and fuller.

How to use hair fibers?

There is no specific procedure to apply hair fibers. Purchase the right product that matches the color andtexture of your natural hair.

  • Do not use hair fibers on wet hair. It does not work on wet hair. When you wish to remove hair fibers, wash them.
  • Do not over sprinkle the hair fibers in one place. Distribute the fibers evenly on the surface.
  • Sprinkle or spray the hair fibers at your desired areas and use your fingertips to evenly spread them all over your scalp.
  • If you wish to style your hair, it is better to use hair fibers after that. Combingand styling your hair after you apply hair fibers can remove them.
  • Avoid using hair styling tools once you apply the hair fibers.
  • Oil, conditioner, soothing serum, or hair creams should not be applied when you wish to use hair fibers. This is because these products do not let the hair fibers stick to natural hair properly

How long does hair fibers last on your scalp?

Hair fibers stay on your scalp until you wash them. The hair fibers can even stay overnight if you sleep without washing them. Sometimes, hair fibers can last for 2-3 days but might require occasional touch-ups to retain the appearance. Sweat might not affect the hair fibers, but, rain could wash them off. Moreover, some companies provide moisture-resistant fibers that can withstand rain.

Therefore, hair fibers are a cost effective and user-friendly product that helps you to camouflage your hairand provides you with a fuller head.