Are These 11 ROI Boosting Elements In Your Direct Mail?

Many a direct-mail package fails because it doesn’t have all the elements that go to make it great, bringing in very few leads. Are these elements missing in your letters? Avoid losing leads by following these 11 tips.

Tip 1: Write a meaningful headline

The general school of thought is that headlines filled with features and benefits are the best. This is not always the case.  There are a number of approaches you could take, for example, the question headline or the testimonial headline or a headline that’s written in an editorial style. As long as the headline grabs them between the eyes and resonates with their emotions, you have a winner.

Tip 2: Say their name

No word sounds sweeter than the sound of one’s own name. If you know their name, use it! Not only in the salutation but in strategic places throughout your letter.

In this way, they’re more likely to stay engaged in your letter until the end, because they feel you’re talking to them personally.

Tip 3: Keep it simple

Unless you’re talking to a Ph. D, the language you use throughout your sales letter should be simple and easy to understand.  Sentences should be short, to the point, and flow easily from one idea to the next. Even if it is pitching something technical, like visitor sign-in software, no corporate or “high tech.” speak.

Tip 4: Earn their trust

Once you’ve got their attention, it’s time to address their problem in the first few paragraphs then go on to introduce the solution to their problem – proving you’re the answer to their prayers.

Free Tip: It’s vital to keep connected to them on an emotional level. People make the decision to buy on an emotional level, then later justify their buy with logic. At this stage, it’s not wise to talk about you or your services. You haven’t earned that right – yet. Keep the focus on them.

Tip 5: Watch your tone

The tone of your letter should be similar to when talking with a friend; conversational yet not over familiar – professional.  Not distant and cold or over familiar, and talking down to your reader is a no, no – otherwise you’re guaranteed to find your letter in the trash!

Tip 6: Testimonials

Testimonials add credibility – so use them. But be sure to add the full name, town and country. The more information, the more credible the testimonial will be.

Tip 7: What are you offering?

Be specific and clear here.

Too many sales letters fall down at this point because the offer is weak, too complicated or worse – not included! This is your chance to be bold and shout from the rooftops, how wonderful your product or service is; showing them how it’s going to improve their life in a big way. 

Explain clearly why they should pick your graffiti sketchbook, and how it is different from the rest. Now is your chance to woo her. Don’t be shy – go for it!

Tip 8: Your Guarantee

Be specific and clear here too.

If she’s got to this point in your letter, it’s time to make some brave, bold statements. Because it’s here that long term relationships are built. If you make her a promise and keep it, she’ll become a loyal customer, and tell all her friends about you. You can’t buy that kind of goodwill. It’s here that you tell her you’ll take all the risk and she none.

Make her feel that if she buys now, she can get a refund (e.g. within 120 days) and there will be no drama, no questions asked. Be bold and courageous here. You’ve already told her you’re different from the rest, now is the time to prove it.

Tip 9: Call to action

Tell her what you want her to do. She won’t be offended. In fact, she wants you to tell her what to do next – so tell her! Otherwise, she’ll go to another site and satisfy her desire to buy there.

To avoid that happening, keep the ordering process to three or four options, and make placing the order quick and easy to do.

Tip 10: The P.S.

Studies show that the P.S., is read second, after the header. This is your chance to repeat your offer and call to action – even add a surprise bonus!

Tip 11: Test, test and test again

If you’ve tested your letter and the response isn’t what you’d hoped, then there are three places in your letter you should look: the header, the offer, and the guarantee.  If these areas are not filled with emotion and big bold, clear benefits then re-write them until they are, then test again. Because these are the pillars on which the whole letter is built – every time.