Bed Bug Treatment Preparation: A Checklist for Getting Ready for Bed Bug Treatment

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In the United States, one of the most adamant pests is the bed bug. Bed bugs may be very minute creatures, just about the size of an apple seed, but they are tough to exterminate. If not properly treated, bed bugs could still come back to re-infest your property. That is why conducting the most appropriate treatment procedure with the help of the right professionals is imperative as far as bed bug removal is concerned.

Having bed bugs is not uncommon. No matter how clean your home is, it’s still possible that you will encounter a bed bug problem. The bed bugs can get into anyone’s home discreetly and effortlessly because of their remarkable ability to hitchhike on items, especially those with soft furnishings like clothes, backpacks, shoes, and suitcases.

Bed bugs lay hundreds of eggs and depend primarily on human blood to survive in their lifetime. These nocturnal ectoparasites consume blood cunningly at night in time for their host to be fast asleep. People only realize they have bed bugs at home after the signs have become more evident. For example, your body will have more itchy bite marks making you more uncomfortable and extra restless. Sooner or later, you start to spot one or two bugs on your mattress. Then, you will see the other signs—dark fecal spots, blood stains, bed bug shells, and a strong musty stench.

Getting Prep for Bed Bug Treatment

So, you are getting sick and tired of these pesky critters bothering you in your sleep every night and gorging on your blood. It’s high time you seek help from a pest management company and prepare yourself and your home for the bed bug treatment. Preparation prior to treatment is very important to ensure the effectivity of the treatment method and the achievement of desired results. Now, here’s a checklist of things you must do or accomplish before having the treatment procedure carried out:

Get all areas within your home thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed.

It is really mandatory that your area is tidy and free from clutter prior to your scheduled treatment. Otherwise, the pest control agents will not commence the process. You need to vacuum the floors and carpet extensively. Vacuuming also helps suck out bed bugs from where they’re hiding. 

Remove fragile objects, including paintings hanging on walls, and stuffs placed on top of counters and appliances (i.e. stove, fridge, oven, dishwasher, etc.).

This ensures that no objects are broken or damaged during the treatment. It is best to put delicate items away and store them somewhere they are safe. If you are conducting heat remediation, objects that are non-resistant to heat should also be taken out of the treatment room.

Move your bed and furniture at least 2 feet away from the walls.

Aside from your mattress and upholstered furniture, bed bugs could also be hiding on walls and wall papers. During D-Day, you must make sure that your beds and furniture are not touching the walls.

Take your pets out of the house during the treatment process.

In case of chemical treatment, it is necessary for your pets to vacate the house and only return to the premises at least 4 hours after treatment. Fish in the aquarium may stay in the house provided that you cover the aquarium well and disconnect the air filters.

Wash all garments, draperies, beddings, and other washable items in hot water.

First, you need to transport these items to the laundry room. You must place them in sealed containers or plastic bags so the bugs can’t transfer and infest non-infested areas. When laundering, remember to apply high heat, that is, use hot water for washing and dry the item in the dryer for 20 to 30 minutes. Don’t forget to throw the plastic bags you used for transporting the items into an outdoor garbage bin.

All the other things inside your home should be left as-is during the treatment except those that are specified in the guidelines. Also, as the homeowner, do not leave the house until the pest control team has arrived. It is best to have a last-minute discussion with the experts before you, and your family members vacate the house.

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