Best Textsheet Alternatives for You

The website named Textsheet was used to be the top-rated educational platform for students. It had gained massive popularity in a brief period as it provided free answers to the questions or queries to the students.

The people who are familiar with the name can understand the importance of textsheet. It played a vital role in being the favourite source for students to complete their home works, projects, assignments, and research.

But unfortunately, it experienced the shutdown because of a notice from the DMCA from Chegg. There is no longer the availability of textsheet.com, and it acted as a piece of devastating news for millions of students. This website was very advantageous for millions of students as it provided free solutions for every query through an easy method.

This website was shut down for reproducing answers through the Chegg API. Many regular users of this website thought it was a server issue when they did not access the website.

Later they noticed the devastating news of the shutdown of Textsheet and identified that the Textsheet is not working anymore. There is also no update or information on whether the website will be back for usage or not. 

There are many pretty good sites like Textsheet that you can use. There are hundreds of online websites for free, but a limited will provide quality solutions through experts. Some legit websites provide answers through subscriptions and also pay for the people who answer the questions.

Best Alternatives of Textsheet:


1. School Solver: 

It is one of the best replacements of the Textsheet. It provides answers from experts from many different subjects. It played the right role for undergraduate students, educated employees, teachers to earn by answering the questions asked by other people on the website.

School Solver

It provided a simple and easy process for understanding the answers and asking the questions. The method of registration is straightforward, and the student may get refunded if the answer is incomplete.

Forbes, tech crunch, TNW are working with School Solver. The privacy option is extraordinarily comfortable and makes you feel secure. It also provides facilities like editing, free of plagiarism, etc. for members.

2. Slader: 

“Slader’s objective is to provide a platform for students that is both engaging and takes advantage of the way they already interact with each other, meeting students’ needs as social learners,” said co-founder of Slader, Kyle Gerrity.

This website or app provided empowers the students to connect with their peers without any feeling of embarrassment. This is an excellent idea to exchange problems or questions among the students.

There is an option like earning “gold,” a virtual currency that can be changed into real cash. The app’s main motto is to help students learn without barriers and decided it to be for students by students. It provides all the necessary options for the students without disappointment. 

3. Chegg:

Chegg is an educational technology company in America that is publicly traded. It provides many virtual facilities for students like online tutoring, rentals of digital and physical textbooks, and best other student services.

It has more than a thousand employees with subsidiaries like Chegg tutors, Zinch scholarship, database, StudyBlue online flash, etc. The company was founded in 2005, and by 2020 it has reached nearly 2.9 million subscribers to its services. It is one of the good online learning platforms to experience though it has undergone some criticism.

4. Course Hero: 

Course Hero is an excellent platform for online learning that helps students for solving problems, doubts and can clear assignments, also projects. It has nearly 30 million users worldwide, and it provides 25 million online courses for various fields of study. There are also some suggestions like it is a better platform than Chegg.

It is always genuine and does not support copyright infringement, plagiarism. Anyone who misuses to obtain their advantage will be removed and banned permanently from the platform. Students can get clarified difficult core concepts more efficiently and provide good tutoring services free of cost. It gives good advice and inspiration for problems in the education of students.

5. SparkNotes: 

SparkNotes website is originally a part of a company named Spark that was started in 1999. It provides study guides for various subjects without charging students, and they earn from advertising. Students who cannot understand teaching by their teacher or textbooks can use SparkNotes as a resource.

SparkNotes generally help students understand and study books, white papers and prepare for their tests. They are clear and concise with the information they provide and secure the info you provided on the website.

They do not encourage plagiarism or cheating in any process on the website. It gives extra information to a clear understanding of students without wasting hours. Therefore, students can use this website as a supplement.

6. Studylib: 

studylib is one of the most famous educational websites with a good number of visitors from across the world. This website earns money by advertising and by following a youtube channel.

It helps students gain advantages like free essays, help complete homework, research papers, book reports, etc., and gain knowledge on politics, history, and science. It has good ideas, and options like downloading a document from the website require you to post one copy of your own as an exchange. 

Final Words

There are many other websites like Quizlet, HomeworkHelp, Khan Academy, byju’s, CK–12, PaperHelp, Write My Paper Hub, etc., which can work as the alternative options for the Textsheet.

Though it may provide comfortable possibilities and solutions, cheating and plagiarism are not encouraged. Online educational platforms have achieved a good impact on students and teachers as well. It is our opinion to choose the best platform for our creation.



Textsheet alternative is emerging these days to help students solve the assignments. In the present competitive world, there are never-ending questions.

Whether it’s in the career or academic arena, the online Textsheet alternative is booming to help kids. They assist in solving assignments and homework. 

Each of these sites plays a significant role in controlling wastage of time. They also help to solve the questions.

What is TextSheet.com?

Textsheet was a popular website popular among students for finding answers. The site experienced massive popularity in a short span. The website provided solutions for free. The guide was available with API technology.

Students always want to solve their assignments without making any effort. In this context, Textsheet achieved a massive success than another online portal. 

Students liked this platform because it was free. It provided outstanding service and made the assignments easy. 

Millions of students around the globe used it to save time and complete the assignments on time.

What happens to the textsheet? Why did you get down?

Text Sheet services were in rising and students. The website made students addicted. With time, it happened so that TextSheet became blind. It stole content for providing the solution to the students. 

So, it started misusing another website’s information. In this way, it found a solution for the students. This event made TextSheet become highlighted.

Besides, it had to answer copyright violations. There were no further updates from the site. The site is completely shut down, according to news updates.

There was another reason for which this website had stopped providing services. Too much dependency on the students made them lose interest in knowledge and study. Moreover, Chegg laid copyright infringement on the text sheet.

Is textsheet illegal?

TextSheet is currently banned because of copyright infringements. The DMCA copyright violation led to the complete shutdown of the TextSheet website. 

What replaced the textsheet? is there another website like textsheet, and it answers?

Similar websites to Textsheet that are workable replaced TextSheet. Thеse sitеs assist in completing homework and rеѕеarch рaperѕ.

Hundreds of online websites are free but limited to provide expert solutions. So, the students must examine before accessing the services. Some of these sites also offer paid services.

These sites are useful for studеnts. But you mustn’t start accessing services from any random website. Some of them have bugs in them.

10 Good Alternative For Textsheet.com

Here are some websites that are alternative to the textsheet. The below-mentioned websites are free from malware. Each of them is full of features and simple to use.



It is an academic platform from Santa Clara, California. It is famous for providing homework help.

You will get online textbook rentals and scholarships. TextSheet Chegg answers free delivers a variety of services. The online platform is helpful for college students. The service involves academics and assignment solutions.

Answers are available to almost all questions. In case you don’t find the appropriate answer, you can consult with the professor. It offers solutions to 6,400 universities.

You can rent books Chegg from this portal in the least possible time. 

Link: https://www.chegg.com/

Is there a free version of Chegg?

If you are a college-goer or high school student, you can join the platform for free. For it, you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription fee. Besides, you will get a free 30-minute session with the support of a live tutor.

When you become a user, you can rent books. Chegg answers provide services hiring online tutors at cheap rates. Day free trial is available before going ahead with the paid plan that starts from $14.95.

2.Course hero: Textsheet alternative

course hero

The course hero is one of the websites like TextSheet. It’s easy to get quick answers to questions and queries. It has 30 million users worldwide, with 25 million online courses. 

Students and tutors upload the courses and solutions. They search for content around the world and upload it. You’ll get answers to assignments related to history and finance.

Besides, content is available for literature, science, and other subjects.

This is the key address for solving practice problems. It provides 24/7 homework aid, personalized coaching from subject experts. 

Besides, you will get study guides and class notes. Videos and step-by-step guides will guide you better.

There are two options available-1 “Earn free access” & 2 “Paid membership.” By Earn Free Access, you can upload your academics documents. Then it lets you complete your task. You can get “Instant Access” by subscribing for premium membership ($9.95 per month).

You can get quality data at your fingertips from the official online portal or the app. Both of them are available on Android and iOS.

Link: https://www.coursehero.com

3.Crazy for study: textsheet alternative

Crazy for study

Sites like TextSheet work as a backbone for many students. This website sees 30,292 unique visitors per day, along with 181,752 page views.

It has 50 million books that make it liable and helpful for students. It is a master in providing speedy solutions to question or queries. 

You can solve queries in maths, engineering, physics, history, and computer science.

It’s easy to locate the books prescribed via respective institutions. 

Millions of users prefer it for its ability to change the academic life.

Link: https://www.crazyforstudy.com

4.Slader: Best textsheet alternative


The Slader, TextSheet alternatives, stands for providing all the features. It gives answer keys based on the USA syllabus.

The independent site provides the best questions and answers. Currently, there has been an improvement in the quality of college-level students. Its increased database is making it accessible to students around the world.

The clean and straightforward interface lets the students get free services. When you choose to pay 2$ for its subscription, you can enjoy the ad-free account. The answer keys are available for subjects like Mathematics and English.

You will also get content for science, law, and more.

Link: https://www.slader.com



Paperhelp puts efforts to solve the queries. This TextSheet alternative provides solutions in various fields. It also offers a custom writing portal.

Modern outlook and systematic approach save your time. The key solutions are available to scholars, college-goers, or campus students. You will enjoy the benefits of the correct high-quality solution.

Besides, you will get an essay or other writing services. All you need to do is to fill in your details. It’s time to grab the services with the online website or apps that work on Android and iOS.

Link: https://www.paperhelp.org



SparkNotes, a company, provides answer keys to queries. It is a popular tool among high school learners. You will get answers related to literature, poetry. It is the best textsheet alternative.

They maintain the quality of services in every domain. You will also get pop culture references. Over 100000 people use Sparknotes for engaging content and solutions.  

Thorough summaries make learning and understanding effortless for students. It’s the right place to develop your knowledge and ability. With this app, you can build a prosperous academic life.

You will get test prep by SparkNotes with books and online content. These aids help to crack competitive exams like SAT, ACT, and GRE. 

Link: https://www.sparknotes.com



Studia offers study guides and is a TextSheet alternative for students. Solving homework and assignments is quite blissful with this website. 

It has an organized layout. The website guides students to exchange notes. 

If you choose to upload all the files for studying, you can get access to them later. Digital flashcards are available to get the necessary information. 

Link: https://studylib.net

Best Chegg Alternatives


This site gives a large number of solutions through experts. Real help is available very fast to solve questions.

The help is available for subjects like math, engineering, business, physics, chemistry & more.

Homework help is available with over 80 subjects. This helps covers the toughest classes and assignments.

You will get 24/7 help with guided video explanations, website, or app services. These services build interest in the students.

The personalized solution to fit your needs will be remarkable in the future. 

The safe and secure tutoring option helps to mitigate stress from homework. It focuses on a better child’s learning. 

Besides, the risk-free environment allows saving a lot of time. Both the students and parents get the benefits. 

The professional tutors available will guide you to study at your pace. It’s time to learn with improved digital technology.

9.Book finder


This is the hub for finding second handbooks, textbooks, and rare books. You will also get new and out-of-print books. It’s easy to compare book prices from over 100,000 booksellers. 

The study guide website is remarkable with textbooks and old editions. You will get rentals and books from an international publication.

This website makes it effortless to compare buyback prices.

Get the original editions by selecting “Show more options” to refine the search. It searches by the year of publication. Choose to limit the search to first editions. Besides, hardcover or signed editions searches are available.

Using BookFinder.com will guide you through a panel of the cheapest textbooks. You can get the book with the exact edition, author, title, and publication year.

Link: https://www.bookfinder.com/



Try online tutoring risk-free environment with this TextSheet alternative. It lets you connect from anywhere and everywhere. 

You can get access to the website by smartphone, tablet, or computer. Get help on your subject. 

The website is popular among the masses because it works to boost the grade level. This is the easiest route to connect with tutors who will respond to your specific question.

This website doesn’t have hassles of subscriptions or pre-payments. You can go with it and pay only when you need it.

You can sign up for free, get registered, and get access to the answer keys. You can get the benefit of chatting with your tutor or entering the online classroom.

Link: https://www.skooli.com/

Final word:

From the above guide, it is clear how these websites are helpful.

Slader and Studlib are fantastic. They are available for free. These TextSheet alternatives 2021 will help you in every way. Chegg helps to find most solutions. These websites will guide you to get answers to all queries. 

In case you are lazy or busy to finish your homework or assignment, Paper Help will be helpful.

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