Best things to do with family in England

An enchanting destination that models sheer exuberance, entertainment, a hint of peace, and a gala of excitement, there is an abundance of beautiful places in England to discover and delight.

From ancient mysteries that puzzle you to lush parks that channel your inner peace, from the encapsulating histories found in the museums to the diverse culture that’s reflected on every street and corner, England makes for an enigmatic holiday spot for holidaymakers worldwide. 

The best things to enjoy in England come in a variety of shapes and forms, be it a delicious platter of their local food or the distinct taste of their brewed beer there is something for everyone in England. Here is our handbook for the best things you could enjoy with your family in England. Giddy up!

1. Delight upon the delight of Nature, Glastonbury Tor

Known for its mix of ancient legends, scenic views, and lush ambiance, Glastonbury Tor is one of the most beautiful places in England. Since its inception, the place has expanded into an enormous home for nature with close to 135 gardens.

Discover the mysteries of the land and amuse upon the ancient tales that surround the place. Enjoy some authentic Apple Cider juice and take a gander across the parks to observe the wildlife that resides within. Or you could also choose to relax in the arms of the blissful nature, all at Glastonbury Tor. 

  1. Rediscover Seafood in Whitstable 

Relish a vibrant dining experience in the comfort of the calm sea, slow music, and dwelling lights. Whitstable is a little town encapsulated with an exquisite collection of harbors, fancy boats, and beachside restaurants. But what takes the prize is the variety of seafood here. From delicious crabs to lip-smacking lobsters and oysters, if you love seafood, you have got to visit Whitstable. 

  1. Uncover New Cultures At Camden

Celebrated for its unique expression of culture, Camden is a small town in North London. From bright color walls to crazy tattoo parlors, the town homes a variety of punk, goth, and rock culture that one can either be at home or amazed with but always excited. At the center of the attraction is the Camden market that serves some of the best International cuisines, clothing, baked goods, and sublime paintings. In short, if you love rock and tattoos excite you, this is the place to be. 

  1. Let the sun soak in at the Porthcurno Beach

A small beach found in Cornwall, the Porthcurno beach looks something out of a romantic movie. A place best admired slowly walking on the shore, laying down, spotting dolphins, and if in the mood, enjoying some open-air acting at the Minack Theatre. Who knows, you might also spot some famous actors shooting their next big film here. 

  1. Enjoy a Play At Shakespeare’s Globe, London

A sublime experience for lovers of poetry, art, and Shakespeare, the Globe is a newly constructed theatre found in the vicinity of the original Globe of 1599. People in numbers visit this elaborate destination to enjoy some of Shakespeare’s plays performed live. Taking the alluring experience further, the place also provides backstage tours and a sensational exhibit of Shakespeare’s life.

  1. Excavate The Nightlife Of England in Liverpool

Not just for its football, Liverpool is highly regarded as a top place to enjoy some fantastic nightlife. The place is encapsulated with a variety of pubs, bars, and lounges that are open from early evening to midnight and beyond. Besides, as the sun sets and darkness tends to follow, the glittering lights across the city will surely put you in a mood to party in Liverpool. 

  1. Enrich Yourself With A Thermal Bath

A bath here and you will revamp your entire body and soul, the Thermal water at Bath provides an enriching experience. Added with enhancing minerals, these naturals are at the center of attraction for many tourists, since ancient times. Amidst the bustles of life and the tour, the place promises a serene experience. 

  1. Take A Tour of The Harry Potter Studio

Adapted from the books of J.K Rowling, the Harry Potter Studio is a favorite destination among many lovers of its movies and books. From the gateway that takes you into Hogwarts to the famous broom, there are a number of articles and recreations that are found here. Learn all the ins and outs of the making of the Harry Potter series, here, at Harry Potter Studios. 

  1. Do some wildlife photography at New Forest National Park

Home of several wildlife creatures including horses and Deers, the New Forest National Park is best enjoyed by foot. Walking around, jogging, and spotting ponies are some of the most common activities relished here by visitors. In short, New Forest National Park is one of the most scenic places in UK, and visiting here with a camera is a must. 

  1. Picnic at Uppark House, West Sussex

Decorated with colorful butterflies, flowers, and lush gardens, the Uppark House is a BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN UK that  provides for a fun destination to enjoy a family picnic. Various Cafes and small restaurants can also be visited nearby the place.

Do you have a favorite destination in England that you have visited with your family? Let us know in the comments below. 

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