Best Tips and Tricks for Designing Stunning Instagram Stories for Your Fashion Business

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If you have a fashion business page on Instagram and using the Stories feature, more than 500 million Instagrammers will tap through your stories worldwide, daily. Data shows that one-third of the Instagram Stories are viewed the most by businesses. You want to display your fashion products on IG to garner more likes and build engagement with your targeted audience. Then, you are not alone on Instagram to promote your fashion line, and therefore, you need to have a social media strategy in place for sharing awesome content when you are using Stories to boost your fashion brand. 

According to an article in Forbes, you can collaborate with a fashion influencer on Instagram with similar style and taste. It will do wonders for your fashion Instagram account. 

When it comes to fashion photos and videos on Instagram, here are some of the best tips for creating beautiful Instagram Stories for your fashion brand:

Use emoji and poll sliders

When you are using IG Stories for your fashion business, you need to survey your targeted audience to understand their likes, interests, dislikes, preferences. You can do so now using emoji and poll slides. If you would like to receive feedback on your fashion items, crowdsourcing concepts, or just to keep your followers entertained, use poll stickers to build engagement with your audience. It is an effective method. Try it and you will see beneficial results. 

For example, if you sell fashion bags and shoes, make the most out of IG Story emojis and poll sliders to receive feedback and gain useful input on your trendy products right from your Instagram followers. 

Make the best use of links in your IG Stories 

When you have more than 10k Instagram followers for your fashion business account, generating traffic within IG Stories becomes a tad simpler and direct. You will need to fill up your Instagram Stories with images of a single fashion item at each angle, on numerous people, and in various settings. Once you are through with it, you need to grab the attention of your followers with some promo code, call-to-action, or CTA at the end of the post. 

Instagrammers can swipe up on your IG Stories content that features a link. It will help you redirect users to anywhere you want to for promoting your fashion products and accessories. Do not make your URLs obvious, but mention that people can learn more about your fashion products, deals or discounts when they swipe up, and it is as simple as that. When followers see your fashion garments, shoes, jewelry, or any item through these links in your IG Stories, it will help you to buy likes on Instagram

You may also include stickers, GIFs, as well as other design components to grab the attention of your Instagram followers to the URL in your IG Story. The possibility of redirecting your followers to precise landing pages or fashion websites from your Instagram Stories is enormously rewarding. It could be a blog page or product page, the right of links is an excellent opportunity for fashion businesses to generate quality, increased traffic as well as sales directly from Instagram Stories. 

Leverage the Countdown Sticker in IG Stories 

When you create an Instagram Story and share the content about some forthcoming special event related to your fashion brand, you may add the Countdown Sticker that would count to a time and date that you define. It could be for a new product launch, in-store sale, special event, and things like that. 

When you set a timer, it creates a sense of urgency for your audience to avail of an offer or a deal that will expire soon. Your IG followers can subscribe to your event countdown, serving as a reminder when the time for the product launch is up and the countdown or wait is over. 

No matter if you want to promote an event, sale, or something related to your fashion products, using the Countdown Sticker on Instagram Stories will not serve as reminders but also the best way to ensure enhanced results. 

Ask your followers questions through your IG Stories

Besides emoji and poll stickers, you may also use a question sticker for your IG Story and let your followers answer the questions. The IG question sticker is also the best way to initiate a conversation related to your fashion brand with your audience or followers. When it comes to your IG followers, they will appreciate the fact that your business cares for their answers and suggestions. This way, you can make your followers feel involved by asking questions and at the same time promoting your fashion merchandise subtly and showing what you have on offer. 

Question stickers help you to collect audience feedback related to your fashion products, ideas, tips, all such methods to build follower engagement. 


Now that you have these tips for creating Instagram Stories, implement them to take your fashion Instagram profile to the next level with more likes, comments, and follower count.