Can Car Crashes Result in Vision Loss?

Car accidents can result in a wide variety of injuries. The victims of these accidents often have trauma to their head and face. The consequences are particularly serious when an individual’s skull hits the steering wheel or windshield of the vehicle during the crash. Such events might lead to long-lasting suffering and can even cause permanent or temporary disability. Vision problems including blindness or loss of vision are also not very uncommon among car crash victims.

Some of these vision issues result from direct injury to the eye, while others occur due to a brain injury. Whatever might be the cause of the injury, you must seek assistance from car crash lawyers if an auto accident impairs your vision. Read on to know more about vision issues resulting from automobile crashes.

Serious Injuries Resulting in Vision Loss After a Car Crash

Retinal detachment:  The retina is a thin sheet of tissue that lines the inner wall of the back of our eyes. Retinal detachment occurs when the retina detaches from its surrounding tissue. The problem often results in permanent blindness.

Optic nerve damage: The optic nerves of auto accident victims get damaged primarily due to head injuries. If a head injury results in excessive pressure on the skull, the skull in turn might put excess pressure on the victim’s optic nerve. The increased pressure may stop normal blood circulation and result in blindness, temporary vision loss, or vision distortion.

Vitreous hemorrhage: In this condition, the victim has blood releasing in their vitreous. For those who don’t know, vitreous is a jellylike, transparent substance present in our eyeball. A serious head injury can result in the rupture of the blood vessels in our eyes, which can lead to bleeding in the vitreous.

Minor Injuries Resulting in Vision Issues After a Car Crash

Recent numbers suggest that around 20 to 40% of people developing TBIs or traumatic brain injuries experience vision issues. TBIs are extremely common in auto accident victims, which makes vision disorders a prevalent consequence of car crashes.

However, you may experience vision issues even if the car crash doesn’t make you suffer from any serious injury like a TBI. Less severe injuries such as whiplash or concussion can also distort your vision temporarily or permanently.

You may find it difficult to change your focus from objects near you to distant objects. Some even suffer from double vision. Other issues include sensitivity to light, headaches when trying to concentrate, nausea when shifting gaze, etc.

Most of these issues subside with time. Your doctor might ask you to avoid certain food items, practice a few exercises, and make some lifestyle changes to get rid of these problems quickly. You must remain under the supervision of a qualified doctor to ensure your vision issues don’t become permanent.

Final Words

You may become blind or have a vision issue that keeps you out of work for several weeks, then you are eligible for a hefty compensation. Speak to an experienced car crash attorney if you want to get the amount you deserve.