Common Causes of Elevator Accidents 

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Millions of people use elevators every day in shopping malls, offices, hospitals, buildings, etc. Though they seem convenient to use and are comparatively safe to use, sometimes you may become a victim of elevator accidents for various reasons. 

An elevator injury can be harmful and can be life-threatening. The medical expenses and the other loss incurred from the elevator accidents can create unnecessary troubles. However, when the accident is caused due to someone else’s negligence, you can file for the compensation that will cover your medical expenses, the loss of income, and other possible damages. For a successful win, you need to have support from Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys

Most common causes of elevator accidents:

  • Defective doors

Many elevators have sensor doors so that they open and close slowly when someone enters and exits the elevator. Sometimes the door sensor fails to detect a person and can be closed on an individual’s arms or leg. When the door gets closed suddenly, the person’s body part can get crushed and cause serious injury. 

  • Lack of maintenance and safety 

The elevator should be inspected regularly and checked. If essential repairs are not done on time, they can malfunction. Additionally, this can lead to severe injuries and be fatal scenes. Sometimes the elevators work too fast and may cause emotional distress for the passengers. 

  • Excessive speed

Excessive speed can cause elevator accidents. Elevators must be adequately maintained to make sure the speed is suitable. It causes injuries to the passengers, leading to crashing into the wall or banging into each other. Such types of accidents occur when the control malfunctions and moves too fast. 

  • Falls into elevator shafts

Open elevator shafts are caused when the elevators stop moving at the bottom of the top. Usually, the falls are caused by a fault in door interlocks, malfunctioning equipment, or other reasons. Falling into a shaft can lead to the death of a person. 

  • Misleveling 

Mileveling is the most common reason for elevator accidents. Misleveling occurs when the elevator does not stop at the floor level. This may lead to unsuspicious passengers falling and tripping. It can result in serious injury. 

Why consult a lawyer?

It is one of the essential steps to select an elevator accident lawyer to protect your rights and maximize your recovery. You must consider a lawyer with someone you are comfortable with, have relevant experience in cases similar to yours, and most importantly, work in your best interest. Your lawyer can help you get proper compensation that can cover your recovery costs and other damages. 


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