Contractor Guide: General Guidelines for Efficiently Removing Large Trees

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Site preparation is important in construction. In fact, site preparation is one of the first steps in successfully erecting a good, high-quality structure. It is very important since it makes sure that the site is in good condition before starting with the actual construction. This process includes various things, like checking the soil density, levelling the ground, and even removing organic life.


The lack of site preparation could mean that your structure would be built on top of an unstable plot of land, which is hazardous in the long run. Depending on the location, there are different things to be done when preparing a site. There are cases where large objects must be removed, especially in undeveloped rural or suburban areas. These objects can be plant formations, rocks, and even large trees.


In this article, we go over important aspects, factors, and steps to keep in mind when trimming an area. Trimming an area may seem like too much work, but it is nonetheless necessary.


Since preservation of trees is important, that means that planning the trimming project is important as well. Before starting, you should first make a game plan as to how you approach your site. This is different for every site as no two sites are the same. However, the idea is more or less the same, starting from one point till you clear the entire area.


Planning allows you to be as efficient as possible in trimming a location. You would want to be efficient as it allows you to save money, time and help preserve plant life. Things to avoid include using fire or toxins that could affect surrounding plant life unnecessarily. Keep in mind that there are rules and regulations set forth by the government to follow.


Coordinate with land clearing experts in order to be as efficient as possible. Experts know how to clear land. They have connections with tree removal companies or a crane service near me like Dependable Crane. Consulting experts is highly recommended as it is dangerous and delicate work where a lot can go wrong.

Removing Trees

Removing trees requires skill and strategy. It is best to remove only those that are necessary to remove. Then, with a little strategic planning, you can take advantage of the existing plant life. Look carefully at your location and see if there is any plant life you would want to keep or reuse. Don’t be afraid to make modifications to your design. Overall this allows you to have organic elements incorporated in your structure with less cost.


Removing trees requires experts. There are many services that offer the removal of trees. Some remove the entire tree and plant it somewhere else. Some cut it down and leave a stump. Experts use specific equipment which can be rented from boom lift rental companies and crane truck rental companies like Dependable Crane. Although there are land clearing services that use their own equipment


It is highly discouraging to try clearing land on your own. This is because there are some cases where there are massive trees with multiple branches. Cases like these require equipment like chainsaws, bucket trucks, and a boom truck, which can be dangerous when using alone. However, companies like Dependable Crane are a great source of such equipment. However, we still highly recommend looking for or consulting with experts in clearing land.

Dealing with Waste

There are a bunch of ways to deal with waste. Burning the timber that you get from clearing your site is one of your options. If you plan to do this, then consult with your local fire department to avoid uncontrollable and raging flames. Some would leave it aside on undeveloped land. This can be acceptable since plant life decays. However, make sure that large debris like large tree trunks is disposed of properly.


Selling the timber from your location is another viable option. However, do not look to timber buyers to clear your land. There is also the option of reusing the plants either as decorative pieces or as mulch for your house. Remember that disposing of trash responsibly is your responsibility and no one else’s.


If you have no idea what to do with it, try consulting the experts that cleared your land. They can offer you options on what to do with waste. However, disposing of debris will require certain equipment. If you are looking for a crane rental near me, Dependable Crane can offer you the right equipment you need. They also offer services in development and erection to help you bring your vision to life.

After clearing the land

After clearing your site, it is important to take action afterwards. Remember that the soil left behind is loose and weak. There are certain procedures to execute after clearing a site. This is to ensure that the ground you build on is sturdy enough since it is the foundation of your structure. Preventing the topsoil from eroding is a top priority. However, preventing soil erosion depends on the time frame until construction.


It is important to always keep an eye on the team while they work. Handling heavy and dangerous equipment can cause casualties which can hinder the construction process. Skilled and experienced personnel is a must. Always make sure that everyone in the team knows the plan and can coordinate and work well together. Make an emergency plan in case anything goes wrong. Make sure everyone can execute this emergency plan.


Clearing land is important as it builds the foundation of the structure. This takes time, equipment, and skill. We highly recommend that you consult with experts who knows how to use the right equipment. Furthermore, we recommend that you plan everything, from removing vegetation to preventing erosion. Following everything properly ensures efficiency and safety in your work.