Convert Any Document Format To and From PDF

PDF or Portable Document Format may be the most widely used existing document format there is. The format’s secure and reliable characteristics were useful for presenting your document or just sending it to anyone. PDF files’ quality does not change even after numerous transfers. It is also hard to edit, so any signs of changes were so little.

These features of PDF are what pushes people to convert their Word documents or Excel, Powerpoint presentations, or even images into a PDF format. Since it is difficult to change or edit, images and Powerpoint presentations were converted into this format if it will not be used sooner.

GogoPDF’s All-Purpose PDF Online Converter

GogoPDF’s PDF converter online tool can be treated as an all-purpose converter. This tool can convert a Word document into a PDF file and vice versa, the same with other formats like Excel, Powerpoint, and even images. The website can finish any conversion job in a matter of minutes, depending on the volume of the files and their sizes.

It is relatively easy to convert word documents, excels, and PowerPoint presentations into PDF format. However, if one wishes to convert a PDF document into a Word document, he needs to be prepared to consume a considerable length of time to type all PDF contents. The same with powerpoints and excel formats from PDF files.

GogoPDF as an Advantage Over Other Converters

The utilization of the website is a huge advantage over other online converters. People spend their time searching for affordable online converters but end up only with websites asking for payment for every service done or requiring creating a premium account with a monthly paid subscription for its service’s continued enjoyment.

On the other hand, GogoPDF’s requirement for its usage was your internet connection and your time, which is only for a few minutes. This all-purpose PDF converter requires no payments or any indirect charges without your knowledge while providing its fast, efficient, and reliable conversion service.

GogoPDF’s selling characteristics were not only its affordability. The website’s security in its privacy policy, accessibility, compatibility, and quality was also over the top. All this while maintaining its speedy conversion processing based solely on your internet connection.

The Website’s Main Features

GogoPDF has high confidence when it comes to its conversion processing speed. While the conversion speed relies solely on the user’s internet connection, it only takes a few seconds to minutes depending on your file’s size and volume under normal circumstances. It is also efficient since you can convert your PDF into any format on this website.

The quality of the file you need to convert where retained identically even after transforming into a different file format. Everything from the words, pictures, etc., was not changed and will remain as is no matter what file format you convert.

GogoPDF will work on your device, all right. The website supports all popular internet browsers’ newest and latest versions such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. It is also harmful with almost all operating systems, including Macintosh, Linux, Windows, and Android. That said, GogoPDF will surely run smoothly on your device.

Its free service might raise some eyebrows regarding its credibility regarding how the users can make sure that their PDF files’ content was not copied and used somewhere else while doing its conversion job. It is understandable. That is why the website implements its privacy policy where all files uploaded to its servers will be automatically deleted after an hour.

The website’s transparency regarding its privacy policy is coupled with its effort to be seen in the website through the “contact us” button and FAQs and Privacy Policy that the users can refer to for their concerns.

The whole process took place online on your internet browsers, so as long as you have an internet connection, you can enjoy a smooth and seamless conversion processing from the website. That said, the website does not consume resources or memory storage on your device since it does not require any installation of applications or software.

An Easy to Use Website

GogoPDF provides every user with its four easy to follow steps for the entire conversion wherein the majority of such were done by the system. The user needs only to select the file he wishes to convert or drag and drop it to the conversion toolbox.

The user just needs to wait while the system scans and converts it to his desired file format. After that, he can download it on his device or Dropbox or Google Drive account. GogoPDF also allows the user to share it by providing links to paste on various social media outlets.


GogoPDF just converted the file format to and from PDF form a lot easier and faster. Having a problem with converting your PDF files into other files or vice versa seems like a thing in the past with the website’s online conversion tool.







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