Corrugated plastic is an inexpensive material for outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is made from different materials. Among these materials there is corrugated plastic. It is also called coroplast. If you choose coroplast (Vancouver), you can significantly save on the production of outdoor advertising. Reducing the cost of manufactured products is not only the goal of obtaining advertising products that customers of a small business set themselves. Manufacturers are also interested in this material, as it helps to offer customers products of decent quality at a reasonable price.

What is the material? This is a sheet of multilayer plastic. By its design features, it resembles corrugated cardboard used in the production of packaging. However, if cardboard is made from cellulose, then coroplast is made from plastic. How does it look like packing cardboard? Upon closer examination, you can see 2 sheets of plastic, between which there is another layer – a zigzag one. The inner layer increases the rigidity of the finished material. At the same time, this does not particularly affect the weight. Its mass is quite small for all its rigidity.

It is worth mentioning separately about the weight of corrugated plastic. Coroplast signs are made of it, which are easy to transfer from place to place. This is an important point for those wishing to order mobile outdoor advertising. If necessary, you can change the location of its placement. To do this, you do not need to involve a team of craftsmen who will first dismantle outdoor advertising, and then put it in a new place. And the movers will not be needed either. Corrugated plastic signs can be carried by one person.

Benefits of corrugated plastic

In addition to light weight and good rigidity, the advantages of corrugated plastic include the following. This material is characterized by high moisture resistance, which, in principle, is understandable, because it is plastic, it is not afraid of water. It takes shocks well. Of course, if you specifically hit it with a hammer, then obviously it can be damaged. But we are not talking about vandalism in this case. We are talking about the qualities of the material used for outdoor advertising.

It is a non-toxic material. The ion is made from polypropylene, which does not emit harmful substances into the environment. He is not afraid of corrosion. This is not a metal that should be protected with special compounds so that it does not rust. Its service life is quite long. Corrugated plastic signboards with high-quality manufacturing can serve as intended for more than a year.

An important advantage is the price of plastic cardboard signage. Anyone can order them, even a very small business. The costs for such products will be minimal, and the effect is the same as when using many signs made of more expensive materials. Therefore, it is worth contacting the coroplast printing service, as you can save on the production of effective outdoor advertising.

Who makes corrugated plastic signs? These are companies that produce outdoor advertising. They usually offer this material for selection. It is easy to process and easy to work with. Manufacturers see this fact as an unconditional advantage for them. At the same time, they have the opportunity to serve clients with modest financial capabilities, who also need to advertise their business in order for it to grow.

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