Developer velocity

Software development expectations, whether we’re discussing about life life sciences software, travel software or business solutions, are rising as engineering progress and digitalization appears to take over every facet of our everyday lives.  But usually, these expectations are surreal, since we don’t think about all the criteria needed to perform a project – experience, quality and last but not least – velocity.

Before starting a software project, it’s necessary to draw up a plan which has the complexity of the undertaking, the speed of the development group and some other disruptions that could imperil the procedure. IT outsourcing businesses have started to gauge the performance of teams by this factor, as well as the typical standards.

Velocity ​​- a unit of speed or an adjustment mechanism?

As we mentioned, the main intention of velocity is to measure performance and predict the end of the project or some other targets.  However, various interruptions might happen during the implementation of this project, ending in late delivery. Therefore, this index is merely estimative.

Although, the development team could be influenced by this, to finish the software project on time.  Thus, velocity is an adjustment or increase settlement once it turns into a goal.

How can we measure velocity accurately?

It’s essential to divide the entire project into several story points, to see a valid vision of the aims.  The velocity must be set on each story point, so the last result is an average of all recorded values ​​from the beginning to the end.  Teams of programmers can work on several story points at the same time, each one with another deadline.

For example, if you’re programming on three-story points simultaneous and two of them are done by the deadline, and among these one remains incomplete, points are awarded just for the attained objectives.  When setting velocity objectives, it is much better to relate to the average and not to the maximum performance, to execute the job in optimal conditions.

Therefore, velocity becomes a relevant point of reference for differentiating teams of software developers, along with quality and expertise.  All businesses want to realize software projects in a short time, but it is imperative to think about the complexity of the plan, for the right adaption to the group’s performances!

AROBS, through its experience, attributes great value to both the quality and velocity of the developers’ team.  If you want high-quality software, delivered on time, contact us!