Does Shadow Boxing with weights make you faster?

Fast Punching means landing an early strike with higher force. For many fighters fast punching is the priority of their training. High punching speed enables your fists to reach your target quicker & in an explosive manner. Which plays a vital role in the overall defense & offense scheme. Your punching speed and explosiveness can leave your opponent in shock. Workouts that improve your punching pace should necessarily be a part of your boxing training. Adding on hand weights as you practice punching develops resistance & builds attributes for improving your speed but the effectiveness varies. 

Shadowboxing is the way of training that accompanies different styles of MMA. It is usually practiced as a warm-up and elevating heart rate as a general preparation for muscles to train. Shadowboxing might not seem more than a warm-up but it comes with tremendous benefits. It plays an important role in the training & overall growth of your ring performance. If you are new to boxing make sure you learn and practice shadow boxing

Shadow Boxing and Weights

Shadowboxing is a solid workout & an excellent way of improving your fitness. Practicing it with extra weights allows you to work against gravity, which automatically makes your body’s extremes i.e., entire arm, knuckles, elbow, shoulders are engaged more firmly which not only strengthens your entire arm but improves its precision, stamina & speed. Your combinations become faster & accurate. There are numerous benefits of practicing shadow boxing with weights, you can hold a small dumbbell, wraps, or heavyweight boxing gloves for this purpose. Always remember to choose the weight range wisely. Apart from the athletes, fitness enthusiasts can take a lot of advantage by practicing it. It’s amazing cardio, that burns calories, tones your arm muscles, and makes you learn self-defense skills. Adding lightweight dumbbells with shadow boxing opens up a new road of benefits.


Benefits of Shadow Boxing and Weights

This physical workout combination strengthens and tones your arms, shoulders and, core while improving your power & speed. 

    1. Increase your Punching Power

Shadowboxing with weights is an effective way for increasing punching power. Throwing repeated punches with weights in your hand makes your body deal with the extra load. It will settle the strength in your hand when you will release the weight. Your body will reach its maximum striking power. But remember shadow boxing with weights will not transform you from a soft puncher to Mike Tyson. However, it will potentialize the punching power. 

     2. Improve your Punching speed

When you practice boxing with weight, your arm and shoulders get used to heavyweight. And when you release the weight, your strikes automatically faster than before. It will not transform you into a top athlete but if you are a slow puncher practicing this will improve your speed incredibly. But make sure you practice with the right weight. You can also consult your coach regarding that because performing this with higher than required weight will break down the result of this technique.

    3. Enhances Arm endurance

If you are new to boxing you probably are aware of how easily and quickly the arms get tired. Practicing shadow boxing will push the time limit while you can throw powerful punches. Increasing the endurance of your arm muscles should be on the top of a boxer’s priority list. The weight of a small dumbbell while punching makes your shoulders, arms, lats & arms work harder. 

    4. An Amazing Cardio

Not just for improving your boxing skills performing shadow boxing as a part of your cardio routine can bring a lot of advantages. Adding on light dumbbells makes the workout highly challenging & while increasing the aerobic capacity. Having high cardio endurance plays a crucial role in your boxing game for the same athletes of other sports train boxing as a part of their workout routine.

    5. Build the Muscles

Muscles are built up while we do physical actions that make us push the muscles to their limits. Resultantly small tears happen in your muscular tissues before they begin to repair themself. 

They build back stronger & better. Doing Shadowboxing with added weights, will not give you bulky muscles but will add lean mass that gives a highly impressive physique.

    6. Tone your Arms 

Toned arms are important for building muscle mass. Moreover, it makes you look good. 

There’s no point in having bulky arms if they are covered with fat. Practicing shadowboxing with the weights is an amazing way of striping the arms & shoulders from the fat & revealing bulging muscles laying underneath it.