Domestic tourist – 6 great travel tips not to miss out on

Are you dreaming about bounty beaches, palm trees, coconuts on the beach, and a 5-star overwater bungalow as your accommodation? That all sounds like an absolute dream, but unfortunately, it’s not always affordable to go on a trip abroad when it’s holiday time again. If you’re about to plan your upcoming holiday, but you’re quite on a budget, you might want to keep reading. Even though there are so many epic destinations around the world, maybe it’s time to see the beauty of your own country. 


Maybe a lot of your friends are booking trips to Europe, Asia, or other faraway countries and you might feel gutted it’s not you. But instead of staying home in your own house, you should consider going on an exploration in your residing country. Maybe you should see if any friends or family are up for a road trip to somewhere in your country. There are options for renting a cabin somewhere, where your travel companions can relax, read a book, look at mlb odds, do a BBQ or maybe a little celebration. 


Being a tourist in your own country can save you money

Sometimes it can be way cheaper to not travel abroad when having a holiday. This is obviously because of flight, hotels and maybe the cost of living in other destinations. Also, when you’re in your own country for the holiday you might save money on accommodation. Also, you know a lot of the prices of living there, which makes it easier for you to choose well-known cheaper options regarding food and attractions. 


Rent a summerhouse and cook your food

Cabin, summerhouse, flat, whatever suits your needs. If you get more people to join you on this trip and shared accommodation, it might be very cheap. Instead of going out for dinner, you can buy groceries on sale and cook cheap and delicious meals together. You could all bring some entertainment, maybe some board games or something. Maybe one person has a lot of books people might find interesting. Internet for those who want to check out BetUS, stream movies, or check their social media, is probably needed. 


Rent bicycles

If you want to save money on fuel, you could rent bicycles or buy a cheap one to take around with. Not only is riding a bicycle a very sustainable way to get around, but it’s also fun and cheap. If you’ve rented a cabin or summer house, get a bike, and go explore the surrounding areas. Or maybe use the bike as your transportation to and from the beach. 


Go camping

If you want to try out a cheap holiday solution, then camping in a tent could be something. It’s not for everyone, but it can be a great experience. If you’re an outdoor person, you should consider this. Check out where the most beautiful places are in your country, pack your gear and go camping maybe. 


Swapping houses

Another way of doing a cheap holiday is to do house swapping. That means you swap your house or flat with someone else. It might be worth checking out if you’re doing a low-budget holiday this year. 


Staying-home kind of holiday

This might just be one of the cheapest ways of spending your holiday. Some people are really happy with being at home during the holiday, others need to get away. If it’s hot enough outside and you have a garden, it might not be so bad anyway. Being able to wake up in your bed in the morning with no alarms is priceless.