Dormitory technology for all students

University dormitories are shared six by eight spaces, with noise throughout, minimal privacy, and twin beds. Because of quarantine arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, most students are learning online from their homes and, to some extent, homerooms feature noise, minimal privacy, and twin beds. Learn more about dormitory technology from UK essay writing.

Alexa the homework reminder

Alexa is a worthy friend. Alexa or Google Assistant is a smart speaker that shout out answers when having pressing questions. It is handy when it reminds you of your pending homework assignments.

Noise cancellation headphones

There are a couple of distracting noises you would wish to block at your campus dorm room and home. With noise cancellation headphones, this problem is manageable.

Raise the volume

If you are the source of noise, then it is better to use wireless speakers to listen to your preferred tunes. Sonos One has backing for multi-room audio, of good quality, and a versatile wireless speaker.

Use cable connection

Dormitory may be offering elementary cable setup. However, Wi-Fi connection and Roku premiere can assist connect to stream Hulu, Netflix, and other channels from Roku.

HP or an Apple day

A good laptop gets used for not less than four years while being portable and easy to use.

Back it up

Dropbox and Google Drive offer solutions to back up the documents in the cloud. For large media files and music library back up those on the external portable hard drive. You never know, little liquid spillage to your laptop will spell doom to you.

Be suck up

Dormitory space might be small, but it attracts troves of dirt. You may strain to try to do clean up exercises, but there are affordable robot vacuum cleaners such as Ecovas Deebt N79S.

Fit to print

Fit your dorm walls with selfies, and send copies of them to your parents or guardians to assure you are good to stay and store them for the future. HP Sprocket’s second edition is good at taking memory snapshots.

Utilize headboard

The headboard comes with two three-pin plugs together with an inbuilt USB port. It even attaches to the wall via 3M tape.

Project greatness

Allow the tales of Hollywood to popularize your personality, by occasionally hosting a movie night on your floor using a portable mini projector such as Artii.

Bright idea

When working, make use of the Kennedy task lamp to recharge your phone with a USB port. As a student, your smartphone is everything.

Be self-reliant with your supplies

For the campus, activities have enough and reliable supplies. The technology kit by Pinch provisions comes with tablet stand, earbuds, and chargers.

Fuel your thoughts

Make your espresso, and save money and time. Essenza mini by Nespresso is portable, and it can fit anywhere, besides looking adorable machine.

The way you like it

The second release of smart mug Ember keeps your coffee or tea at your preferred temperature, provided it is full. It enables you to take fresh tea or coffee.

To keep food fresh

Having an adorable icebox is good for keeping and saving breakfast and, indeed, for freezing any other food in your dorm room. It is portable, and it can easily fit small rooms, yet store a good amount of foodstuffs.

Please keep it clean

Get professional laundrette service by Hello Laundry, a dry cleaner near me in London & Essex with free pickup and delivery. Get yourself, Wonder Washer. This great machine enables you to wash a few clothes one at a time and occupy a small space.

Noodling around

Joyfulsky electric hot pot is good kitchenware for cooking noodles fast and quick. To make it a real feast, you can add meat or vegetables.

Letting off steam

PurSteam allows you to let your clothes be neat while taking little space and or time, unlike the iron box and iron board. With this device, you will always look elegant and presentable.


With sizable space, the microwave is good. With Comfee, eating leftovers will get outdated.