Factors to consider when selecting where to buy marijuana seeds

If you are planning to grow your cannabis plants, you need to do your extensive research about cannabis so that you maximize your harvest. You need to know things, such as cannabis plant structure, its lifecycle, amount of nutrients t needs, and amount of light it requires. Ultimately, you should also research some of the factors that may affect the quality of your cannabis growth- this is an essential thing that you must not overlook. Here is a growing marijuana guide to help you growth healthy cannabis plant.

Generally, there are a number of factors that can affect the quality of your cannabis growth. In this article, we explore some of these factors. So without wasting much time, let’s delve into them. 

  • Genetics of the seeds you buy

Nowadays, there are plenty of cannabis companies selling their seeds online. Some sell high-quality seeds, while others sell low-quality seeds. So it is upon you to do your research to ensure that you end up buying high-quality seeds.  Choosing high-quality seeds can make a huge difference.

Do your research and find out some of the best seeds that can generate not only massive harvest but high-quality yield. Then look for cannabis seed company that sells those types of seeds and buy from them.

  • Your state’s legal status of cannabis

Cannabis law varies from one state to another. Some have legalized growing cannabis and using it, while others haven’t. Additionally, different states have a different minimum age for cannabis consumption if cannabis is legal in that particular state. If your state doesn’t legalize growing cannabis, you have no reason for growing cannabis, unless if you want to get yourself in the wrong side of the law. You could get fined or risk being sentenced. If it is legal, you need to keep your medical marijuana license up-to-date and do not exceed the maximum number of cannabis plants stipulated. 

  • Adequate light

Whether you are growing your cannabis plant indoors or outdoors, you must ensure that the plants receive adequate light for them to thrive and grow healthily. When you grow your cannabis plants outdoors, they are more likely to receive adequate light, thanks to the sun’s natural light that they will receive. It only becomes a challenge if you are growing your plants indoors. You must ensure that they receive adequate light. You can achieve this by investing in LED lights or fluorescent bulbs. Just make sure that you don’t expose the plants to too much light because that can lead to the burning of the plant.

  • Nutrients used during each stage of growing

Another factor that may affect the quality of your cannabis growth is nutrients you used during all the stages of growing. Hydroponic nutrients combined with the right system can produce high-quality cannabis. The nutrients the cannabis plants need change in every stage. For instance, the type and amount of nutrients they will need during vegetation phase isn’t the same during flowering phase. You should avoid using too much nutrients as it can lead to burned leaves.