Features That Make Explainer Videos a Must-Have for Your Business

When starting a new business venture or launching a new product, you need to reach potential customers. Every company has its unique advertisement campaign to spread awareness. Some companies prefer print media, while others will settle for electronic media.

However, online marketing is the most trusted mode of brand promotion in the current era. With a billion internet users worldwide, the web makes the brands reach on a global scale at the click of a few buttons. It is no wonder that the internet has made our lives better and has made the world a smaller place.

Explainer Videos

A video that compellingly describes the product and markets is an explainer video. Be it a product, a service, or a business idea, an explainer video can do wonders for your company. You may hire a team of experts for an impactful explainer video production.

Why Is an Explainer Video Must-Have?

An explainer video can give a great boost to your company. The videos are visually appealing, and they can reach the target customer easily. The features that make explainer videos a must-have for your business are:

  • Visual Appeal: According to research, 1 minute of video has a content of 1.8 million words. Similarly, a 1-minute video has the same influential power as 900 blog posts of 2000 words each. The creativity of the video maker can take you on a great journey through animation. The video sends a message most effectively. A short video effectively conveys a meaningful message. The time is taken to pass, the message reduces, and the visual appeal makes the video retained for a reasonably long time.
  • Can Be Easily Shared: You can share a promotional explainer video across the world within a few seconds. With the internet density spreading throughout the entire strata of the globe. You can share brand promotion videos across social media platforms in no time. On the other hand, conventional promotion used to happen through print and electronic media. The time and efforts involved in those methods were much more. Thus, you can very effectively share an explainer video.
  • Fun to Watch: Everyone loves fun learning. Right from kids to adults, content that is more fun to watch will receive more active sharing and will be enjoyed by them. An explainer video maker relies on this fact. They try to create your content in the most interesting way possible. If the video is fun to watch, it will be widely circulated and liked by one and all.
  • Price Effective: Be it a new business venture or a new product launch, the economy plays a major role in branding a new company or a product. Even for established brands with huge revenue, the amount of expenditure on publicity is limited. As a manufacturer, you have to cater to many things apart from endorsements. The manufacturing corresponds to a fraction of the money you can spare after all the expenses. Thus, you need a publicity strategy that can be easy in the pocket and greatly effective at the same time. The explainer video is one such option for spreading awareness. The video can have a global reach in far less capital compared to other conventional forms of brand promotion.

What Ensures A Great Explainer Video Production

A great explainer video has several ingredients. The fun, spontaneity, and technical aspects are present. Although a lot of other things go into their making like

  • The Videos Are Of Short Duration. They spread a fairly big message in a short period. A simple video which is straightforward and shares a clear message is most effective. This keeps the customer engaged.
  • Animation. An explainer video generally portrays the message via animation. Animated videos are creative and fun to watch. The directive showcased is thus persuasive.
  • Sound Track. All the videos have a soundtrack. Sometimes, it is these tracks that create a stir in the market. Playing trending audio or an innovative jingle can have an immense impact on the customers. Having a great soundtrack can always be an advantage for your brand promotion.
  • Background Voice. The background voice which narrates the story should be appealing. A voice modulated video is better perceived by the audience than one which has no sounds in it. A compelling narrative makes the story and the video appealing for all the customers.

Explainer video production is a suitable method of brand promotion. A successful video can spread like wildfire, and its effect on boosting your business will be exemplary.