From Lux Cozy To Bewakoof. Vests Have Come A Long Way

Vested Interests

Unlike yesteryears, the vest has become extremely versatile and while the primary purpose remains the same, there are many other reasons to rock a vest these days. Your regular vest wore under the shirt and not so creatively termed ‘undershirt’ by the Americans has many different versions. The gym vest for men, for instance, also called a tank top, has gained a lot of popularity over the years. The reasons for its popularity are also quite obvious; it is a light garment that allows the body to perspire and move comfortably, making it perfect for the gym. These vests are also far from the bland plain white vests that one tends to picture when thinking of vests. These gym vests have bold prints and colours, allowing people to stand out in the gym, even without gigantic muscles. The simple vest which used to hide under the shirt and out of public view has now become a fashion statement in certain spaces, we would call that a huge improvement.

Today’s markets are chock full of different kinds of vests;

  • The classic sleeveless white wife-beater (also unfortunately named),
  • The men’s vest with small sleeves is a lighter version of men’s sleeveless t-shirts.
  • The gym vest, which takes the prize for being the most contemporary out of the three.
  • Practical vests also include those with hidden pockets for people who like to keep their money close.
  • Professional vests for emergency workers, which we are not going to include in this article because they are for professional purposes.

As stated earlier, vests used to be simpler, just like the times. They were something one bought without giving them a second thought, plain white men’s vests for everyday purposes. While those vests are still extremely popular, the very comfortable vest can also be aesthetically appealing, especially when paired with shorts, and also perfect for the long Indian summers. In essence, the vest is no longer just a simple undergarment (it still serves that purpose) but has gone beyond the obscurity of the undershirt and has come out of its metaphorical shell. The modern vest is comfortable, practical, and stylish.

Gone are the days of Lux Cozi vests when the only patterns on offer were white sleeveless vests and those with short sleeves, also white. The modern vest, like those at bewakoof.com, can also be called men’s sleeveless t-shirts since there is no dearth of designs or colors. These vests are perfect for a casual day out or even a long road trip since they are comfortable and lightweight. A fun day at the beach, a short hike in the hills, these vests are suitable for all kinds of occasions. These vests can be paired with jeans, shorts and create the perfect blend of chic and casual.

The vest has come a long way and with so many different offerings it is not going to fade away (pun intended). Bewakoof.com has a wide array of vests and men’s sleeveless t-shirts for different occasions and temperaments. There is a vest for everybody; those who wish to show off their rippling muscles, who wish to wear something comfortable while looking stylish, and even those who are nostalgic about the original use of the vest and wish to use it as an undergarment.

Vest aficionados are in for a treat at bewakoof.com with a plethora of offerings in different styles and price ranges. Undoubtedly, vests are the perfect garment for men in the hot Indian summers, as they are comfortable, breathable and now, thanks to sites like bewakoof.com, very stylish as well.

If you are not invented yet, you should check out the various kinds of vests on offer at bewakoof.com. You might develop a new taste for vests and since the summers are here, there is no better time for it. Hope this article will help you to plan a comfortable summer.