Landscaping and Lawn Care Companies can use Alternative Funding for Smoother Operations

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There is not much difference between the operational dimensions of landscaping and lawn care companies and those of construction companies. Both use heavy duty and high maintenance equipment and both have project-based work delivery. There are big landscaping companies just as there are big construction companies that subcontract the project execution work to smaller companies.

If you are running a small landscaping and lawn care business, you would know that there are differences between your operations and those of small construction companies. The most critical difference is that it is way more difficult to anticipate the project dimensions in landscaping as compared to construction. That disrupts your cash flow and results in working capital shortfalls. Thankfully, you can seek alternative funding to deal with such challenges. 

Steady bankrolling to sustain operations 

Any business that has such high operational costs would invariably require steady bankrolling to sustain its operations. Since traditional lenders won’t lend to small businesses especially those connected to landscaping work, the best option is alternative business funding

The strength of your landscaping operations is also reflected in your order book to which you have to do justice. Merely bagging projects is not enough; you need to execute them as well. Considering the high cost of operations leading to cash flow disruptions, quick and easy business funding by alternative lenders goes a long way in sustaining your operations.  

Fast credit availability on easy terms 

In any small business with oversized operational costs like landscaping, the timely availability of funds is critical in sustaining operations. When you seek funding from an alternative lending agency, they always provide the cash fast and on time. This kind of bankrolling support will boost your confidence to expand capacity in order to deliver work more efficiently.  

The best part of small business funding from an alternative lender is that the loans they provide are usually unsecured. This means they don’t ask you to produce any collateral to secure your debt. Neither do they check your credit history to see if you had defaulted on loan repayments earlier. They only check the viability of your business and assess your profit projections. 

Accounts receivable (AR) funding options

Another effective funding mechanism offered by alternative lenders is AR funding or invoice factoring which is perfect for project based work with structured stage payments. You can leverage your pending invoices for completed projects to borrow business capital loans. This kind of funding is ideal for overcoming cash flow disruptions that result from high cost of operations. 

One of the main challenges that you face is working capital shortfall especially your payroll expenses that get affected when your cash flows get disrupted. Most small US business funding based on invoice factoring enables you to meet working capital shortfall that can otherwise affect your ability to smoothly commence work on a new project. Delay in starting work on the new project can jeopardize your business and hit your order book. 

If you have pending invoices that you want to leverage for borrowing, there is no better company than Alternative Funding Group to provide you quick and easy funding via invoice factoring. 

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