How Ashwagandha herb helps  females in their immunity?

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Well if we talk about women’s hard work, no self-time are very obvious words to talk about. In this fast-paced life where no one has time for themselves, women need to manage both their personal and professional life, their families, and obviously themselves. Out of all they are perfect in everything and always take care of others but not of themselves. 

These days most women are suffering from low levels of vitamins and minerals, and low levels of essential microelements in their body. 

The very common problems which women are suffering these days are mensuration issues, anxiety, depression, mood swings, inflammation, pain, joint pain, skin issues restlessness, etc 

These are very common problems but you can’t take medicine or treatment for all at a time as they affect your body so badly of taken in high or different doses also nobody has that much time, all this time seek very natural, organic and safe treatment and Ayurveda has the solution of all of them at one place. 

In Ayurveda there are so many herbs available that work so effectively on your body without causing any adverse effects. The best part is that they are natural, so easy, and safe to use after the right prescription and consultation. KSM66 is a form of ashwagandha root which you can eat. 

Well so many herbs are available but one best among all is Ashwagandha 

Ashwagandha is so rich in so many properties and consists of so many active components inside it which improvise the overall health so naturally. 

Specifically for women Ashwagandha helps in treating so many issues 

Such as 

  • Help in treating mensuration issues- irregular menstrual flow, irregular cycle, mood swings, PMS, period cramps, muscle pain all of these things affects your health so badly. 

And such happens because of hormonal imbalance, and in so many women other side effects are also seen such as loss of hair, facial hair growth, pimples, etc. 

But Ashwagandha helps in all of such it helps in balancing the hormonal system and improvise the functioning of endocrine glands. 

  • Women majorly suffer from stress and anxiety due to workload, mood swings during periods, and many other things and Ashwagandha acts effectively in such it has anti-stress, or stress-reducing properties it works as a great adaptogen by decreasing stress and anxiety levels by lowering the cortisol level
  • Ashwagandha also helps in improving sexual health and also acts as a sexual stimulant that increases libido, improves fertility issues, and maintains your sexual health. Try to consume shoden ashwagandha capsules which are highly recommended by doctors. 
  • Ashwagandha is also very much beneficial for skin issues as most of the women due to hormonal imbalance and teenage girls suffer from the problem of pimples, marks, acne, pigmentation

These are some benefits of Ashwagandha in women but should be taken in the right dosage after prescription  for great and effective actions otherwise leads to side effects 

If you are taken it in capsule form one or two capsules are enough for one day but after prescription and if taken in powder form then you can have it one-fourth tablespoon with water or milk 

Some side effects has been seen if not taken in the right dosage such ad drowsiness, diarrhea, miscarriage etc. 

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