How does inpatient and outpatient rehab works

A person needs rehabilitation when he is suffering from some ailment. Rehabilitation aims to return the patient to the normal. While going for repair, one must know what type of restoration he required, whether inpatient or outpatient rehab.

Well, inpatient rehab is something you need from a physician during a hospital stay, while in outpatient rehab, you do not have to admit to the hospital for taking the doctor’s services. Inpatient and outpatient rehab have unique benefits to offer to the patient, and both have different perks. We can say that outpatient rehab is part-time programs, but the inpatient rehab, the patient with a severe addiction, is treated by keeping them in the hospital.

Working on inpatient rehabilitation:

The inpatient rehab gave to those patients who are suffering from serious issues. The patient is kept in the hospital to treat them and examine them a whole day. The therapy is only possible in hospitals. 

1. Period of inpatient rehab:

Centre of Medicare Advocacy provides the period for the average length of inpatient rehab stay is almost 12.4 days. In this period, rehab, which includes in it, is joint replacement, stroke, and even some other recovery types. A typical inpatient programs run from 28 days to six months.

2. Detoxification process:

During the inpatient rehab treatment and stay in the hospital, the detoxification process starts first for the patients who are addicted to the drugs. According to this process, it detoxes the whole body from drugs or alcohol. It works comfortably with 24/7 round the clock support.

3. Structured Environment:

During the inpatient rehab, the patient is provided with a structured environment and focuses on the recovery. In return, it will help the patient mentally heal, and the doctors get to the root of the addiction.

4. Healing the soul:

One of the primary processes in inpatient rehab is healing the patient’s soul through the educational programs’ musical sessions, arts, music, physical fitness, and yoga.

5- 24 hours of medical attention:

In inpatient rehab, the patients have access to 24 hours of medical attention, which will ultimately help the patient recover soon. The constant medical care provided to the patient during the inpatient rehab will help the patient get through the relapse and cravings.

Working of the outpatient rehab:

 In outpatient rehab and the treatment, there are fewer restrictions. Only 10 to 12 hours of the week are needed to give during outpatient rehab. Outpatient rehab focuses on the individual and the group rehab, teaching addicted people, education on drug abuse. During outpatient rehab, one can enjoy his work and do a job, and when free, take sitting of the physician.

1- The period of outpatient rehab:

The outpatient rehab can be taken as a long term treatment program and last up to a year.

2- Outpatient detox programs:

As compared to the inpatient detox, outpatient detox is not that necessary, but it is safe, and the patient can take it at any point when he feels he needs it. Outpatient detox is much safer and effective and takes less time as compared to the inpatient detox. The average period of the outpatient detox is 6.5 days only. During this detox period, the patient must visit the hospital and clinics for physical and mental checkups.

3- Individual, group, and family therapy sessions:

Individual therapy sessions help the patient know the cause of the addiction and get rid of the habit. Group therapy sessions help the patients share their struggles with their peers and help build a supportive community that ultimately helps in the recovery. In family, therapy helps to improve overall family functioning.


In a nutshell, no matter which rehabilitation process you choose, both rehabs are best for the patient as the rehab process keeps a man away from anxiety, depression, and severe addictions.

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