How high-pressure laminates outshine other surfacing materials?

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Interior designing is not just about getting your décor right. It’s more than that. Gone are the days when interior design was only relevant to the aesthetic decoration of a space. Today, interior designing also means showcasing enough space in a studio apartment by perfect designs and comfortable lighting.

Moreover, if you are talking about interior design, it’s hard not to mention the significant role played by laminates in ensuring the completeness of home décor. There are different types of laminates, such as decorative laminates, compact laminates, high-pressure laminates, and many more.

In comparison, high-pressure laminates (HPL) are the most sought-after laminates because they deliver better performance and their unmatched affordability in the current market. Moreover, HPL comes with a wide range of properties that aligns perfectly with the requirements of home decor. Read on to know more about the major reasons why high pressure laminates have an edge over other surfacing materials.

What are high pressure laminates?

HPL or high-pressure laminates are made of three different materials that contribute to the various properties. It is composed of resin-saturated Kraft paper, a decorative paper along with an overlay paper-like melamine attached to a medium-density fibreboard or other particle boards in high-pressure temperature. HPL sheets are made of 60-67% paper and 30-40% thermosetting resins. Its scratch-resistance property comes from the overlay paper that improves the abrasion. On the other hand, the decorative paper offers an aesthetic touch to the laminate. What’s more, the Kraft paper acts as the core material that contributes to the required thickness of the laminate.

What are the common usages of high-pressure laminates?

The Royale Touche high-pressure laminates are quite popular in the market. They are generally preferred for wall panels, kitchen countertops, cabinets and other furnishing materials. The primary reason behind their high demand is durability and cleanliness besides its generic qualities.

Why high-pressure laminates are preferred for customised designs?

One of the biggest qualities of high-pressure laminates is they are flexible compared to other surfacing alternatives. This quality helps in meeting the requirements of customised designs seamlessly. Also, HPL Royale Touche laminates are available in various colours, patterns, shades, and textures that offer the richness in appearance and the elegant touch that decorates the wall panels, cabinets and furniture in homes.

What’s more, they can be easily installed and even a common man can install them with a bit of training. Moreover, the flexibility to bend without showing any signs of breaking is another reason why interior designers and homeowners favour high-pressured laminates over others. These qualities take the creativity of designers to the next level as they can make plans and designs with confidence in the versatile qualities of HPL. Royale Touche is a leading laminate manufacturer in India. Besides, they manufacture the best high-pressure laminates in India that are always preferred by reputed interior designers for manifesting their innovative designs.

Maintenance of HPL sheets

As mentioned before, HPL sheets hardly require any maintenance. Since its upkeep does not require any special effort, one can ensure its maintenance by cleaning it simply with a dry clean cloth or use a wet cloth to clean after that a dry cloth to keep it shiny and clean year after year. Nonetheless, a minor or major stain must be cleaned with a gentle stain removing solution with a cotton cloth or sponge to bring it back to its original appearance.


In addition to their versatile nature, high-pressure laminates come at low and reasonable rates. Although HPL sheets are much ahead of its peers in the market, its cost is half in comparison to them. Furthermore, it hardly requires any specialised maintenance which saves the added expense required for most other laminates. Simultaneously, its installation is very cheap making it the most inexpensive yet valuable material for home décor.

Well, that is all you need to get started with the interior design plans for your home with high-pressure laminates. Whether you’re looking for kitchen or bedroom laminates, Royale Touche has got you covered. With a huge collection of different types of laminates, you will have plenty of choices in colours, design, and finish to achieve the ideal blend of elegance and high-quality performance.

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