How Much Does Operating on Shopify Plus Cost?

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce giants and offers merchants multiple solutions to run online. If you may ask about the number of eCommerce stores that operate on Shopify, they are undoubtedly many and over 810 000. These include some of the global brands like Sephora, Tesla, Kylie Cosmetics, and All Birds.

As an all-around eCommerce platform, Shopify offers different packages for running a store. It could cost an online merchant as low as $29 a month, but charges increase with the type of package you require. Let’s take a look at Shopify Plus in particular.

Shopify Plus

It is an enterprise-level eCommerce solution, which is scalable, secure, and fast. It enables one to manage a complex store easily with an integrated system. Although one can set up a store and sell within minutes on Shopify, Shopify Plus may require you to opt for web design and development services. If you wish to opt for Shopify Plus, here is a precise look at its cost.

  • Shopify Plus Operating Fees

Operating on Shopify Plus requires a minimum of $2000 a month; however, the charges could increase depending on your revenue or the resources you utilize. The belief here is that the more sales a merchant makes, the more server resources and support he requires. To be exact, Shopify Plus costs 0.25% of sales volume per month or $2000.

  • App Fees

If you run a store on Shopify Plus, you will undoubtedly require apps to run. The only thing to note here is that the app fees vary considerably. Depending on your needs, you may require third-party applications for more robust features like subscription services. Shopify Plus apps will cost you as per your need, but the overall cost won’t be that high. Another fact is that custom solutions can be built into the themes. Application fees differ from a merchant, one site to another.

  • Credit Card Processing Costs

First and foremost, there is an option of Shopify Payments to smoothen the checkout process. A crucial factor that every merchant must know is that credit card processing fees vary from country to country. Also, a merchant will have to bear an extra cost of 0.15% if not using Shopify Payments.

With Shopify Payments, a merchant needn’t an account or payment gateway. A merchant has to pay 2.15% plus $0.30 for every transaction on domestic MC and Visa in the US. On Amex and an international card, an extra 1% is charged.

If the charges seem high for a merchant, there is a solution of third-party payment gateways. You are free to check the payment solutions you require as per pertaining costs.

  • Maintenance Costs

Maintenance fees vary, but when compared to other eCommerce platforms, the charges are pretty low. The most important thing with Shopify Plus is that everything like kernel upgrades, server maintenance, and security solutions are in Shopify Plus’s hands.

Shopify is an excellent platform to run an online store, and it offers a range of world-class solutions like themes, integrations, among others. If you have any queries about Shopify Plus fees, please discuss with an experienced website developer agency.