How to Find a Physical Therapist That’ll Treat You Right

Are you trying to find the best physical therapist for your unique needs? Whether you are working to prevent an injury or recover from one, finding a good physical therapist is a must for seeing great results.

For some tips on finding a physical therapist, keep reading. Start putting a treatment plan into action with a PT you can trust.

Find Someone Who Is Skilled at Treating Your Specific Needs

While all physical therapist needs the same general schooling and training, some may have more training and experience in your specific area of need. Find someone that is certified in treating your condition specifically. You can do some simple online searches to find a physical therapist in your chosen area.

Additionally, many physical therapists undergo additional residency and training to obtain additional certifications. Looking at the PT’s experience can give you an idea of what their specializations are. Certain physical therapists will have different board certifications, clinical experience, and coursework than others.

For example, some PT’s will specialize in healing athletes, while others will have focuses on orthopaedics.

Find Someone Who Will Offer You an Individualized Plan

Physical therapy should not be a one size fits all experience. Rather than relying on blanket protocols, the therapist should work to address your specific needs. You want to find a PT that is dedicated to your individual treatment goals and progress along the way. This will allow you to find a specialist that will truly address what needs to be done in order for you to get better.

To do so, look for a physical therapist that offers at least 30 minutes of one-on-one personalized care at a time. During your first meeting, you will want to make sure that your PT has outlined a plan of action towards you recovery. Make sure that it is clear what the goals of each step in the plan are.

You may also consider inquiring about why you may or may not achieve these goals during physical therapy. However, it’s still wise to stay flexible with your treatment plan, as the goals and timeline that were initially established may change along the PT journey.

Find Someone That Will Give You Things to Do At Home

Your therapy shouldn’t end when you leave the PT’s office. Rather, the physical therapist should give you “homework”, or activities to do at home to help relieve pain, increase your mobility, or flexibility. This helps to speed up your recovery process while allowing you to get the complete care you need.

You want to make sure that your PT is offering you educational information during your recovery process so that you will know what movements and activities are best for your body.

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Finding a Physical Therapist You Can Trust

If you are in need of recovery and healing, keep the tips in this guide on finding a physical therapist you can trust in mind for the best results.

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