How to Get Free Skins in CS: GO 2020?

CS: GO, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a video game that involves multiplayer shooting. This was released for Windows, OS X, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 in August 2012 and later Linux version launched in 2014.

This is the fourth game in the counter-strike series. This CS: GO is addictive; it has multiple layers of challenges and competitions. Players get better by playing challenges and eager to move to the next levels. So this game attracts gamers a lot.

The other FPS games have the death matches or the other modes similar to the CS: GO. Skins are the weapon like object that helps the player to stand out from the community and has few added advantages and special features in this shooting game. The words below will provide a detailed process of getting free CS: GO


CS: GO is a popular game played by many players globally. It is free to play and players play for weapons like skin. There is a huge collection of skins in this game. But it has few cost restrictions for special skins. Not everyone can own a good skin. So here are a few ways which can drag you to get free skins without the need to buy skins. Skin gives more confidence to the player on the battleground. The steps to get skins mentioned below:

  • Idle Empire

This is a GPT famous site where players can earn gift cards of other CS: GO marketplaces by a few surveys, quizzes, and daily reward points on a regular basis. So the earn points, gift card amounts can be withdrawn by PayPal accounts. The other option to get money is the Steam Wallet code.

  • Register on Idle Empire

You can simply sign up with the social media accounts or email ids. Simple signup is needed and we can recover the passwords if forgotten.

  • Earn Points

As soon as you registered to select a work that suits you. You asked me to answer a survey, play games, test software, and watch videos.

  • Redeem Skins

After collecting the required points then redeem your CS: GO skins from stores.

Click Loot

This is known as Skin silo in the early days. One of the popular sites to get free CS: GO skin. This works similar to the idle empire site mentioned above. Skins can be withdrawn directly from shops by the players. Various gift cards and vouchers are given here. CS: GO market place vouchers so available here.

CS: GO Points

CS: GO is the same as the sites discussed before. Here numerous service providers are active to earn points. Players can give their points and get steam gift codes and skins in exchange for points. You can get some for free when it comes to CS: GO.

Grab Points

Grab points is also a site that helps in getting free skins for the players. You have to sign up for the site; the entry will earn your reward of 500 points at an instant. Tasks assigned like surveys, watch videos, games, downloading apps, etc. After collecting points the amount transferred out by PayPal or virtual visa. Which makes the process of getting your skins and it is a legit way to get skins.

Play Global Offensive and Earn Via Drops

By playing global offensive you can get occasional loot on certain missions. They come in weapons cases and a $2.50 worth key needed to open it. If you get drops that are worth winning a lottery. These drop a limited and available on only certain missions. The drop has hundreds of skins which is rare and unique. Still, you need to open them which involve cash in it.

Use Affiliated Codes

 Few skin betting sites can provide affiliated codes that help to rack up the points. This is like skin gambling or can be called skin casinos. You should check the legitimacy of the sites and verify the proper payment methods.

This is not risk-free but has few fraudulent sites that end in losing money. So be careful in which you proceed. Check with their social media profile and clients they work with. Just get an overview of the site and know-how it functions. The review and trusted users, everything has to study before you do codes on the sites.

 Steam Wallet Claim Codes

Here you need to sign up with Grab points and choose steam wallets to claim codes as the reward zone. Then claim codes, codes come in denominations of $5 & $10. So you must at least reach 5000 points to claim rewards or purchase in a grab store. So you must be very careful in the codes and don’t fall for additional attractions on the sites. Thus it is the legit ways of earning the free CS: GO skins.

 Beware of Scams

  • The site gives you free skins without doing anything.
  • So always rely on trusted sites. Don’t share personal information like card details and passwords.
  • So always be wise in choosing the sites. After choosing the site checks the complete history of the sites like their clients, users, payment methods, and their profile.
  • Without good experience in skin, purchases don’t risk you on evil websites. Trusting fake promises from an unknown person in purchases will make your pockets empty. Always do purchase in the authorized stores to avoid fraudulently.
  •  Choose a legit way of earning, don’t use dark webs or other illegal sites. That is a crime.
  • Skins purchased in the community markets and other outer markets.
  • Always be alert in payment methods and mode of pay, do not reveal personal information.

On the whole, getting free CS: GO skin is an easy process and you can get soon. You can play the game in your style. These skins give them more power in the game.

But always try to get skins properly, don’t cheat. Use trusted sites and act wisely. Free skins can be bought in many ways you can trade skins. You can exchange it with other players. You can use skins in the game as gear to play. Hope this article answered your question of getting free CS: GO skins.

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