How to Improve Your Smile: The Top Options Explained

When you come into contact with people, one of the first things they’re going to notice about you is your smile. Having a nice set of pearly whites will make you appear more professional. It’s also a nice self-esteem boost.

Right now, you know that your teeth could use some work. You’re not sure what you’re doing wrong or how to improve your smile without expensive treatments.

If you have an overbite or a lot of crowding, the cost can’t be helped. If it’s a simple case of discoloration, you might be able to fix the issue without breaking your bank. Check out this guide to learn more.


If a whiter smile is what you’re going for, the fastest way to get results is with whitening. There are tons of teeth whitening options out there for you to try both at home or in a dental chair.

If the idea is to buy a whitening kit at your local store and bring it home, look for something that has the FDA seal of approval. Otherwise, it might do more harm than good.

If you’re at a complete loss for what product to use, talk to your dentist. They’ll take your needs into account and give you a list of whitening products that will help you.

Floss Every Single Day

When creating a dental hygiene routine, one thing that many people neglect is flossing. If you want to have a nice smile, we’ll tell you that you shouldn’t neglect this crucial step.

Bacteria and plaque build between your teeth. They’ll fester on your gum line and cause a long line of oral-related diseases if you don’t shape up. You could even lose your teeth.

Wrap the floss around your fingers and insert it between each of your teeth three times. If you don’t make the habit of flossing daily, experiencing a slight amount of bleeding is normal.

It usually indicates that you have some form of gingivitis going on. After a few weeks of flossing regularly, this bleeding should stop. If it doesn’t, make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

If you hate the feeling of flossing, don’t worry. There’s a solution available with you in mind. Oral indicators spray mouthwash or water between your teeth and get rid of any stuck-on food and plaque.

Consider Invisalign

If you have a lot of crowding going on, the only way to improve your smile is with some kind of teeth straightening option. Many adults flinch away from the thought of metal braces. They’re uncomfortable and don’t look too professional in a work setting.

If you’re one of these adults, you should consider talking to an Invisalign provider. One of the many benefits of Invisalign is its discretion. Nobody will be able to tell you’re wearing the trays unless they get close to your face.

Invisalign also won’t interrupt your usual routine too much. You can take them out to eat and drink, so you don’t have to stop eating your favorite foods.

Brush Your Teeth 

Never neglect your oral health routine. You need to brush your teeth at least twice a day to reduce the build-up of plaque and bacteria.

When you’re brushing your teeth, make sure you don’t go too hard with it. Aggressive brushing can strip away the protective enamel on your teeth. Gentle circles will be enough to do the trick.

No matter what your needs are, there’s a toothpaste out there that can solve it. If your goal is to whiten your smile, pick up a whitening toothpaste.

Do you have sensitive teeth? There’s a toothpaste out there that can help solve the problem.


There’s not really a tooth problem that crowns can’t handle. If your teeth are discolored beyond repair, putting crowns over them will cover the stains.

They can be placed over weak teeth to prevent further damage from occurring. They can also fix a tooth that’s already broken and improve the appearance of a misshapen tooth.

See Your Dentist Two Times a Year 

You need to schedule cleanings with your dentist every six months at least. This is the best way to keep gingivitis and other forms of gum disease at bay.

We can tell you that many health issues make themselves known by attacking your mouth first. Your dentist can screen you for common diseases and let you know what you need to do to keep your health intact.

Stop Smoking 

Smoking can cause a long line of health problems. It can also damage your smile. All of the tar and chemicals will make your teeth turn a nasty shade of yellow.

It can also cause horrible breath. Trust us when we say that you’re better off without it.

Watch What You Eat 

Certain foods can stain your pearly whites beyond repair. Be wary of coffee, berries, soda, wine, curry, and tea.

If this takes out half your diet, don’t worry. You can still partake in the things listed. As long as you drink water right after consumption, your teeth shouldn’t see too much damage.

How to Improve Your Smile and Start Making an Impression 

The first thing anyone notices when you do a presentation or walk into a job interview is your smile. Not only does staining and crowding hurt your chances of nailing the job you want, but it can also hurt your self-esteem.

The good news is knowing how to improve your smile is only a dental appointment away. Your dentist will be able to add on to the points we’ve talked about today and get you on the right track to having a beautiful set of pearly whites.

Are you looking for more ways to take care of your smile? Check out the health section of our blog daily for all the latest oral routine tips.