How to Learn PMBOK in Preparing for PMP Certification Exam?

PMBOK has more than 600 pages in total, including more than 400 pages in the main body. Most of them are very professional words: such as WBS, deliverables, CPI, project performance information, etc. These concepts are not a small test for beginners of PMBOK. This also leads to people learning PMP Certification, after reading a book, completely do not know what the book says. Their head will be full of theories and concepts and feel confused.

How to Learn PMBOK?

1. Read Through PMBOK

For a book with more than 600 pages, if you want to write down something for no purpose, it’s like reading a novel without summing up. After reading it, you will probably remember the name of the protagonist, or you can’t even remember the name completely. But finishing all these necessary steps is the most necessary guarantee for me to study and review later. Because the overall structure of PMBOK must be understood through thorough reading, and the knowledge structure and examination content can be solved through training courses.

2. Target Disassembly Method

The whole knowledge framework of PMBOK is divided into ten knowledge areas, so the whole knowledge framework can be divided into 10 objectives. If the objectives are split layer by layer, they will be smaller and smaller, easier to achieve, and more efficient during PMP certification training.

3. Strengthen Memory

The structure of PMBOK has been thoroughly explained by the teacher, and all the PMP Exam test sites have been covered. After reviewing the whole system. The rest is really your responsibility. P61 table must be memorized. The five stages and 47 project processes must be memorized. If you remember one of the 108 ITTO, you will get one more point. At the same time, the PMBOK mind map, the small cards of each chapter and the small cards of knowledge points can be read at any time in fragment time. More than a few more wrong sets.

Because all knowledge systems have this structure, and the whole PMBOK has a total of 47 processes and 141 tools. It’s so confusing that you’re caught in it when you look at it. It’s the same as if I didn’t watch it again. Anyway, my mind is blank. Because there are some project management plans and project documents interspersed in them.

4. Exercises

For learning PMBOK, exercises are very good things. Because they can sort out the knowledge well. Do a PMP question, go to the textbook to find the source, and then read it back and forth. In this process, you will have a better understanding of concepts and the relationship between plans, documents and activities. Most importantly, you know how these things will be applied in your work.

 5. Leak Detection

The week before the exam is to check the leaks during the whole PMP Exam Prep process. In particular, we must not pay attention to the details at the beginning, because we can’t understand the details at the beginning, and we will be easily sleepy and trapped in the frame. We must straighten it out from the frame, the whole logic and the whole process, and follow the idea of PMBOK. To straighten out the whole process of doing the project, and then go down to refine, so that it will be easier to understand the whole system.