How to Price Your Old Personal Computer

I’m guessing that you’re looking for better ways to dispose of your old laptop. Don’t worry because you can always sell it in exchange for cash. However, you may want to know your laptop’s worth before selling it. This becomes a challenge, especially when you don’t want to incur more losses. Good news! There are many ways to leverage the price of an old laptop. Let’s dive in! 

1. Name-Brand Laptop

If your computer is a reputable brand, pricing it becomes a no brainer. First, check out your laptop’s series and model then search online whether or not it’s still functional. If the model is no longer available, your laptop may lack value. 

Second, you can leverage the worth of your old laptop on massive platforms such as Amazon and eBay. Don’t worry if you don’t find the price of a second-hand computer because you can always use the refurbished/renewed price as a reference. Often, renewed/refurbished laptops are expensive compared to used laptops, so your price should be a little bit lower. 

Although the above steps can leverage the price of an old laptop, it would also help if you knew the degree of damage for significant discounts. Fortunately, you may sell your old laptop at a higher price if you have the original accessories like adapters and wireless keyboards. Each accessory may go for $10 to $20 depending on their demand. 

2. The Laptop Is Built by Yourself

If you’re the original manufacturer, then determining the price of an old laptop becomes dead simple. You probably know the price of each component because you built the laptop yourself. Therefore, you can price your laptop in terms of its hard drive, hardware, RAM, GPU, and CPU. Usually, these are the most important factors worth considering. 

Typically, used computers with 2GB RAM, Core i3 processors, 128-256GB storage usually range between $20 to $100 depending on the brand. Meanwhile, laptops that are Core i5 powered with 4GB RAM and 256 storage capacities can fall between $100 to $500. 

Interesting fact – you can find laptops with price range under 400 dollars, and yes, they are brand new, never used before.

Additionally, you can anticipate between $300 to $700 from a Core i7 laptop with 8GB RAM and storage capacities of up to 512GB. Also, laptops equipped with Core i7 processors, 16GB of RAM, SSD drives, and storage capacities of 1TB can net anywhere between $700 to $1,200.

As for high-end gaming laptops that come with Intel Core i9 processor, expect anything between $800 to 1,500 or even more. 

It is worth noting that the above prices are for refurbished laptops, which means that you anticipate 15-20 percent less for each downgrade condition.

Where Can I Sell My Laptop for Cas?

Here are a few ways to sell used laptops: 

  • Brick and mortar stores: Offers quick cash with no ads or selling fees. However, their payments are way too low when compared to online buyback stores. 
  • Online marketplaces: Such include Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, and more. While these marketplaces pay fairly, their sales aren’t guaranteed because you’re competing for sales with other people selling laptops. Additionally, you’ll need to invest time for creating ads, and selling fees, which are the terms and conditions for online marketplaces. 
  • Private market: Private markets often include Craigslist, LetGo, and Facebook. Their payments are way better; however, you’ll have to deal with the downfall that comes with scams and no-shows. Also, there’s no guarantee for sales if the laptop itself doesn’t sell. And because Private markets are full of scammers, you’ll need to meet in person with the buyer.  
  • Online buyback stores: With online buyback stores, rest assured of sales that come with free shipping and no selling fees. Meanwhile, you don’t need to create ads or negotiate prices. The best part? Payouts are processed within three business days but at a lower rate.