How to Recycle Electronics Safely?

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recylcle electronics

We are living in a technologically advanced world where we rely on electronic devices for almost everything. With innovative technology coming out every day, the old devices become irrelevant. Also, the devices are subject to natural wear and tear. When it comes to the lifespan of electronics, it has become shorter.

The laptop has a lifespan of 11.8 years, the smartphone has 2 years of lifespan, and the tablet has a lifespan of 5 years. Because of a short span of life, there is a plethora of waste. According to the UN, it was predicted e-waste will reach 57.5 million tons by 2021.

Have you heard of e-waste? No, right? That is how irresponsible we are as a society. Don’t worry 3 Kings Hauling is here to reduce e-waste. In this post, we have talked about how to dispose of electronics properly.

What is E-Waste?

For those who don’t know, electronic waste (e-waste) contains devices that are outdated or near the end of their useful life. It can be computers, stereos, mobile phones, tablets, and televisions. These devices can be recycled or refurbished.

Not a lot of people know this, but electronics are made from valuable materials and resources like glass, plastics, and metals. When you donate these devices, you will make the world a better place. That is because you will prevent air and water pollution.

How to Dispose of Electronics?

How do you get rid of your old electronics? Well, some people sell electronics that are in usable condition. Some people just throw them away. There’s a section of people who simply keep them accumulated in a corner of their home, not knowing what to do with them. We all have some old DVD players or computers that we no longer use but don’t want to throw them either. Because, throwing away your electronics is not the right way to recycle electronics.

In some states, throwing away electronics with normal garbage is illegal. It is because such devices contain toxic materials such as cadmium, mercury, and lead. So, how do you dispose of electronics safely?

Here are some ways to get rid of electronics the right way.

Give to Tech Companies

One of the ways to dispose of electronics is to return them to the company you bought from. A lot of companies provide recycling programs to make it easy for buyers to recycle electronics. Even some of the tech companies have recycling incentives.

For instance, at Gamestop, you can get cash or store credit for bringing in your electronics. Apple encourages users to bring their old iPhone and get a price cut for the new one.

Besides this, some tech firms have sites where you can drop off your old electronics for recycling. Epson, LG, Samsung, Best Buy, Dell, and others are some of the firms offering supply sites for recycling.

Donate It

Another way to dispose of electronics is to donate the functional devices. Many charities use the donated devices, and some sell them for their cause. In this way, you will be doing some good in the world.

Moreover, you can donate it to a library, non-profit organization, and school. Not only will you safely dispose of electronics, but you can even get a tax break. There are plenty of charities that accept such donations. Carefully search for the charities and donate the electronics to the near one.

Take It To A Recycler

If you cannot donate it or give it to a tech company, you can take it to a recycler. There are different types of recyclers like private recycling, national program recycling, and municipal recycling. You can search for recyclers near you.

Tips For Recycling Electronics

After you have decided to recycle your electronics, you must follow these tips.

  • Make sure you have backed up all the data. Of course, you don’t want to lose the data you have saved on it like pictures, documents, and videos. You transfer all your data to either a hard drive or cloud. In this way, you can easily transfer it to your new device.
  • Remove all the attached storages if any such as USB ports, card readers, and DVD drives.
  • Wipeout all your data. Since your electronics will be going to a stranger, you have to make sure they can’t access your personal data. It is imperative to factory reset your device. This will remove all the information you have saved. We recommend doing this after you have removed external memory. Also, there are some disk cleaning software that you can use just to be extra careful.

In the end, you will need professional help with electronic waste removal in Vallejo. By properly disposing of electronics, you will be reducing e-waste.