How to set up a music studio

It is hard to create in a space that doesn’t inspire you and kills your productivity. Your environment is very important in reaching the state of flow and staying productive when you need to. Nowadays, many producers prefer to create music in the comfort of their homes. But it’s hard to stay focused on your job when you don’t have a clear separation between your work and home life. This is one of the reasons why your productivity plummets. Here are some tips on optimizing your home studio for the best performance from the industry professional mixing and mastering studio ekmixmaster.com.

First of all, if you want to have more space on your desk, consider buying rack units. You can place them on your desk and mount your speakers on them. And you can put your audio interface, preamps, or compressors inside. But, if you are on a budget, you can even mount your speakers on thick books for now. 

If your space is limited, you can try building your music studio upward instead of expanding horizontally. Using shelves and a little bit of imagination can help you fit everything in a very cramped space, even if you have a lot of gear. Use laptop stands for the gear that has a screen. If you lay it flat on your table, you will have to bend over to see what is going on. However, laptop stands make it easier to control the process without getting up. 

Use LED lighting. It is not an essential piece of gear you need in your studio, however, if you have a little bit of money to spare, why not. It is perfect for setting the mood for work. And it also counts as an additional light source. 

If you want your studio to look clean and organized and also be functional, you should pay attention to your cables. There are many ways to put them away neatly. Just don’t leave them lying around. What if you trip over one of them and die. We don’t want that to happen. 

It is also very important to mount your speakers on something. Don’t leave them on your desk. Use pads or rack units. Don’t clutter your space. If your home studio is small the last thing you want to do is weigh it down with more gear. Pull out only the gear that you use. You don’t have to have everything on display at all times. Buy a table with a slide-out drawer. It is very useful to store your MIDI keyboard there. It is better than putting it on the table, where it will take a lot of useful space. Improvise. 

When it comes to organizing home studios in limited space, use whatever works for you. Clothes hooks, books, duct tape. There is no right or wrong here. Decorate your studio. As we’ve already mentioned, it is important to feel inspired by the space you are in. For you, it might be putting your desk at the window, buying a lot of lamps, LED lights, having a rug on the floor, and posters on the wall. Whatever makes your creative juices going will do the job. Maybe you are inspired by certain artists, make sure to put their records on the wall. Maybe nothing makes you feel more organized and ready to work than a minimal, clean setup. Just you, your DAW, and the keyboard. Make sure to decorate your studio with your favorite bits and pieces. Remember functionality plus vibe equals perfect working space.