How to Store Controlled Drugs Safely

A controlled medication is an item or an arrangement that is referenced in the timetables of the Misuse of Drugs Regulations. As per the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 1982, 1988, and 1998, different rules have been given concerning the obtaining, stockpiling, and obliterating of therapeutic medications in the drug store business. Under these corrected guidelines, controlled medications are ordered into five timetables, relying upon their utilization, the required measurements, and the chance of mishandling.

Timetable 1: 

The medications under this are precluded and are considered unlawful as they are profoundly abused and have no therapeutic worth. Drugs like pot, coca leaf, and hypergamies fall under this class. 

Timetable 2: 

These medications have high logical esteem and have increased opportunities to be abused. Methadone, Morphine, Tapentadol, and so forth have a place with this class. 

Timetable 3: 

These medications represent a danger of being abused. These medications can be endorsed simply by legitimately supported specialists and drug specialists. 

Timetable 4: 

These are the subsidiaries of different medications, and medications like Diazepam, Nitrazepam, and so forth go under this classification. 

Timetable 5: 

These medications are usually a lot more modest segments of the other planned drugs. Medications like Codeine go under this classification. They can be abused. 

As indicated by Gardai guidelines, it is compulsory to have a protected authority over these medications. Therefore, the development of the safes and cupboards utilized for the capacity of controlled drugs should be affirmed and supported by an approved people from the Garda Siochana. 

The safes or cupboards utilized for the medication stockpiling should be moored and gotten to the divider or the floor. 


  • Gardai supported safe development: 
  • Materials pertinent: 
  • Squeezed and welded sheet steel 
  • Squeezed and welded steel network 
  • Sheet steel or steel network 
  • Thickness: 
  • Sheet steel which is a gentle steel sheet of 10 to 16, check the thickness 
  • Plan: 
  • The sheet steel should be joined to a point iron edge of 25x25mm segment and 5mm thickness 


Two leaf entryways with two leaves covering one another or joined on to a focal column. The freedom between the leaves and the column should be under 3mm. The entryway edges should be flawless with the goal that it doesn’t just when shut. If you can take magic mushrooms in toronto no effect.

A similar development system is a material for both lapsed and returned controlled medications. Terminated medications should be independently positioned in a comparative protected and named outwardly as CDs for annihilation. Drugs returned by the patients should be independently set and marked as understanding returned CDs for destruction. They should be eradicated at the most punctual just within sight of an approved staff from the Gardai.

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