How you can create a more productive workforce

Many people have now been working from home for over a year and for some. For some, it has been a dream having more time with family but for others, it has taken some getting used to.

As a year goes by, people may start to feel demotivated as they don’t have the usual support system of colleagues to lift their spirits when it’s needed. If your team is now starting to lack motivation, then getFLG have created some key tips to help increase productivity when working from home. This post will highlight the top three for you to implement.

Goodbye 9 to 5

When at home, people may find that they have more to do than ever before with looking after children, family members and organising the washing! These things can get in the way of the working day and therefore, flexibility in terms of working hours is required for employees.

By simply extending lunch breaks, offering late starts and early finishes, employees can feel more catered for, meaning they’ll feel happier and in turn more productive.

Be Supportive

There are many ways to offer support, whether it be for mental health or for childcare. You can ensure your team gets what they need when they need it. According to Deloitte, by investing just £1 in mental health you can get £5 back in productivity. 

Investing in wellness activities can be a solution to this, such as 15 minutes a day away from the screen or a virtual tea and toast morning. 

Be Clear

When setting tasks virtually it can be difficult to be totally sure that everyone has understood their role. Take time to speak to people one-on-one, or just email around afterwards to check everyone has understood the task. 

Offering a personal touch can ensure every team member feels important and appreciated, encouraging a proactive and motivated team within a business wanting to build a brilliant company culture.

With all of these tips in mind, it’s time to implement them within your team, just remember to always be positive and supportive. To join the conversation on social use #AProductiveWorkforce