I Was In A Bike Accident! Do I Need an Attorney?

Were you recently in a bike accident that resulted in a serious injury? You’re not the only one. Around 45,000 bicycle accidents occur every year.

The number of fatalities from these accidents has increased by 12%.

If you were recently in an accident, it’s important to understand your next steps. You’ll need to request first aid, assess the damages, and consider filing a personal injury claim. Before you do, however, you might want to consult a bike accident attorney.

Do you need an attorney after a bike crash? Yes! They can help you calculate and fight for the compensation you deserve. 

Otherwise, you might have to pay for property damages and your medical bills out of pocket.

Still on the fence? Here are seven reasons to hire a bike accident attorney. After reviewing this list, you can start your search for a qualified attorney.

Keep reading to discover the top reasons to hire a bike attorney!

1. Liability Is Uncertain

Were different parties involved in your bike accident? In that case, you might want to contact a personal injury attorney. When multiple parties are involved, determining liability can become an issue.

Each person might have their own insurance company, too, which can make the case more complex.

Your personal injury attorney can help by investigating the details of your case. They can call on eyewitnesses or use photos to prove you weren’t at fault. With their help, you can determine liability and build a case against the guilty party.

They can also protect you from counter- or cross-claims to ensure a lawsuit isn’t filed against you.

If you fail to determine liability, however, you might struggle to build your case. You might even file your lawsuit against the wrong party. By hiring a bicycle accident lawyer, you can start your case on the right foot.

2. To Protect Your Rights

How much is the total cost of your injuries? What about your pain and suffering? Did you remember to add in the cost of your bike repairs?

Different factors are involved when calculating the compensation you deserve, including:

  • How long you’ll need to recover from your injuries
  • The type of injuries you sustained
  • The total cost of your medical bills, medications, and treatments
  • Lost wages

It can feel a little daunting to calculate these costs alone. If you fail to calculate these costs correctly, you might receive less than you deserve from your lawsuit.

Hiring a personal injury attorney is essential if you want to receive proper compensation. Your lawyer will help you calculate your losses. They’ll remain at your side to protect your best interests.

Without a lawyer, you could lose money. During your search, make sure to find an experienced bicycle accident attorney. A personal injury attorney with the proper experience will know how to build your case. 

They can also protect you from a counterclaim in the event another party tries to prove you were at fault. 

3. Your Injuries are Serious

Over 800 bicyclists were killed after getting hit by a car last year. Even if the crash didn’t result in a fatality, your injuries from getting hit by a car are likely severe. How serious are your injuries?

The more intensive your injuries are, the more likely the medical bills will stack up. You might need surgery, physical therapy, and medications to handle the pain. If you’re worried about covering these costs, make sure to consult a bicycle accident lawyer right away. 

They’ll help you fight for the money you need to pay these bills.

In some cases, your medical bills can exceed the at-fault party’s insurance policy limit. You’ll have to pay for a portion of your medical bills as a result.

If you’re out of work due to your injuries, you might struggle to pay off these bills. If you require long-term care, speak with your accident lawyer. They’ll help you receive as much as possible from your claim. 

4. The Insurance Company Won’t Pay

Is the insurance company refusing to cover your medical bills and losses? Are the insurance companies taking their time with negotiations? If you don’t receive your compensation in a timely manner, you might have to pay for your medical bills out-of-pocket.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help you if the insurance company refuses to pay your claim. They’ll determine the best route to take in these instances. 

Try to contact a lawyer immediately following your accident. The longer you wait to consult an attorney, the longer your case might take. You don’t want to delay receiving the money that will help you pay off your medical expenses.

5. Access to Experience and Expertise

Do you know how to navigate the complexities of a bike accident lawsuit alone? If not, it’s important to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. They’ll have the experience, expertise, and resources necessary to build your case.

For example, your attorney might call on a team of investigators to determine what happened. They can use a re-enactment or expert witness’ testimony when in front of a judge and jury.

Your personal injury attorney will know the best strategy for building and winning your case. 

Searching for an experienced personal injury attorney? Consider consulting a sweet james attorney. With their help, you can maximize your claim and receive the compensation you deserve.

6. Reduce Stress

Are you stressing out about the lawsuit? Between your medical bills and missing work, you’re already under enough pressure. Instead of taking on additional stress, it helps to consult a lawyer.

Hiring a personal injury attorney will give you peace of mind. They understand what you’re going through; they’ve seen these cases before. By working with an experienced lawyer, you’ll know someone with the experience you need is at your side.

7. To Avoid Costly Mistakes

A small mistake with your paperwork could get your case thrown out on a technicality. Don’t risk it. Instead of handling your case alone, make sure to consult a lawyer.

They already understand the complexities involved with your case. They’ll help you avoid legal errors to ensure you receive compensation for your losses.

Don’t Cycle Through: 7 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer After a Bike Accident

Don’t cycle through a lawsuit alone. Instead, consider these top reasons to hire a lawyer after your bike accident. By hiring a personal injury attorney, you can maximize your claim and avoid costly mistakes. 

They could make all the difference in your case. 

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