Importance Of Water Purification In Our Day To Live

Clean and safe water needs an hour. Whether it is ingesting groundwater or supplying water, its purity remains an area of concern. Everyday discharge of toxicants in freshwater depletes its quality and makes it unfit for consumption and harmful to our health. According to the UN report, India’s rank is 120th among 122 countries in freshwater quality. So be careful and drink only contamination-free water.

Water is key to life, and attending microbes, pesticides, fertilizers are contaminating it. And due to the presence of a harmful contaminant in water, various kinds of health issues like diarrhea, Typhoid, Cholera, and others.

The only way to ensure its quality is through purification.  Yes, Water purification is a process by which the concentration of contaminants such as organic and inorganic materials, suspended particles, and biological contaminants are removed from the water.

Previously it was done by boiling water, but with the advancement in technology, various advanced technologies have proved itself as the best water purification system. And among all various water purification systems, the water purifier is best. And this is the reason why this water purification system has become a market trend.

Some Benefits Of Water Purification

Although there are various advantages of water purification here, we have only listed a few but crucial benefits of having a doctor fresh water purifier at your doorstep. Those crucial benefits are listed below

  • Lessen Chlorine level: Water containing chlorine is a proven culprit of causing cancer, higher risk of cardiovascular problems, asthma and a lot more
  • Best For Immune system: By using a water purifier, all sorts of contaminants are filtered out, giving us high-quality water, which is crucial for the healthy immune system, especially for pregnant women, newborns, infants, and elderly person
  • It Is Cost-effective And Ozone Friendly: A good purifier does away with buying expensive water bottles. Apart from that, throwing these empty bottles in garbage can be unfavourable for the environment. So using a topping quality purifier is beneficial for the environment too
  • Good For Our Organs: Consumption of clean and fresh water cleans you inside out. It pulls out heavy elements like chlorine, magnesium and lead that are present in normal tap water, offering one with healthy skin
  • Security From Other Health Problems: Removal of toxicants can accord a proper digestive system, saving one from a constipation problem. Hard water besides damaging organs causes kidney stone. So, water purifiers help in clearing out magnesium and calcium and making the water soft again
  • Purified Water And Protection Against Viruses: A healthy immune system needs an hour to tackle COVID -19. Safe drinking water is key healthy drinking water is key to health during a pandemic outbreak- WHO (World Health Organization)

Water is life, and clean water means health. According to World Bank estimates, 21% of infectious diseases in India are looped to the consumption of unsafe drinking. By using water purifiers, one can enhance the quality of a family’s drinking water.

Does Water Purifier Protect Us From Waterborne Diseases?

This is the common question among people, so the simplest answer to this question is Yes, a water purifier protects you from getting sick of various kinds of waterborne diseases. A waterborne disease mainly occurs due to drinking contaminated water or due to the use of contaminated water while cooking.

Water is the natural solvent that can dissolve various things in it smoothly. And this is the reason why water has become the home of various kinds of disease-causing agents, and this contaminated water can make you sick and even can be fatal if not treated properly on time.

A water purifier is now based on advanced technology which eliminates all kinds of pathogens, even the rigid one and makes your water pure and safe for drinking. In addition, a water purification system can eliminate dissolved chemicals to micro-organism present in the water.

A water purifier is based on various technologies like RO and UV. Both of those are mint for eliminating different contaminants from water, so it is advised to choose the best water purifier for your house wisely. In addition, you should know about your regular used water quality. Yes, your regular used water quality helps you to get the best deal on water purifiers. 


Install the best water purification system at your house and say by-by normal to fatal disease occurs due to drinking contaminated water. Do you know water is something that spreads millions of microbes and viruses? And these microbes, when entering your body via contaminated drink, these microbes make your immune system weak, which leads to a weakened immune system.