Is it allowed for a New Zealand PR holder to work in Australia without a visa?

Australia and New Zealand are neighboring countries, therefore a lot of privileges are provided to citizens of these countries by the government of the neighbor country. The citizens of New Zealand can work easily in Australia without any hassles of availing a visa. But the PR holders of New Zealand have not been provided with the same privilege.

Citizenship of New Zealand

To benefit from the right to work in Australia, the citizens of New Zealand have the privilege of getting the 444 visa. Fortunately, this visa is a part of the privileges you have, as a New Zealand citizen. You just need to show your passport of New Zealand to get this visa. So, you can get this visa to work in Australia for an endless amount of time. No employee sponsorship is needed, and no need to go through the points test involved in the 189 visa. There is also the freedom given by the Australian government as per which this visa application can be made from the confines of New Zealand or Australia after you have come here.

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This visa has the condition that the candidate has to apply for a new visa every time, he leaves Australia.


What to do when you don’t have citizenship of New Zealand?

They have to get the 186 visa to Australia, for working here. In fact, the visa also makes one get a PR. This kind of visa is only available once an employer is ready to take the obligation of becoming your PR sponsor. You should be so crucial to his workforce that he is ready to ask you to come here. This is a shorter route to get to Australia for employment. The only condition is that you should already have been granted employment sponsorship, by an Australian employer for at least a gap of 6 months before you are ready to avail of this visa.

The eligibility for this PR visa requires that you have the proper conversational skills in English. Without this kind of fluency, the employer cant and won’t choose you. So, be prepared to showcase your English skills in the IELTS exam and get good scores which are equal to 6.0 in all of the bands.

Although this kind of employer sponsorship visa is available when are younger than 45 years, you are exempted from this age requirement once you have the 444 visa and have been working for your sponsoring employer for the 2 out of the preceding 3 years.  If you are completing this requirement you are also exempted from the need to get a skills assessment, apart from meeting the age limit.

However, if you seek to, get a PR of Australia, just for employment there, you can do so too. The team at Nile Migration works wholeheartedly here to get this visa to you. This visa seeks some attributes from the qualifying candidate which include his apt age (<45 years), 3 years of work experience with the skill assessment availed for it, grade of 6.0 bands or even, additional grade in IELTS and the mandatory education (a bachelors degree in the home country).