Let’s Help the Kids Relieve School Anxiety

As far as I remember, I never liked going to school. In fact, most of the students and kids never like to go to school. This is a common scenario but sometimes this situation can’t be ignored because the kid might be suffering from school anxiety. This is a situation where kids fear going to schools. It is happening due to a communication gap between school management and kids. Now the schools are not functioning on old traditions as we all know that online learning has taken charge of the studies of kids so school managements are also designing their curriculum accordingly and innovating everything according to the interest level of kids so that kids may not fear going to the schools. Schools these days are using various tools of online learning like admission management software and fees management software. Both of these tools are proving themselves best in their expertise in managing admissions and in fees management of the kids. Admission management software looks into all details related to the admissions of new kids and fees management software looks after the data related to fees and scholarships of the students. Students these days are getting many facilities regarding their studies just in order to remove school anxiety from their minds. Kids have usually thought that in schools their freedom of fun will be snatched and they have to study all the time, whereas today kids are provided with so many facilities and even in preschools they are made to participate in so many activities that they feel more fun in their schools than at home. Now, how can parents help their kids to relieve school anxiety? Let’s have a look at it. 

First of all, parents should look after whether the kid is making excuses to go to the school simply or if there is any other particular reason due to which the kid is avoiding going to the school. It is so because sometimes kids hesitate to express their feelings and emotions to their parents due to fear or hesitation. It is the responsibility of parents to check out what is the reason why the kid is so much scared of going to the school and if the kid isn’t talking by himself/herself then parents should take the initiative and ask very politely by bringing their questions in between the simple conversations that is there teachers who is too much rude? or any other student who is bullying? or any subject that scares or any other problem which the kid thinks no one can help him/her about. Shower your love on the kid, make him/her trust on you and discuss his/her issue of school anxiety with you as soon as you get the issue start figuring out how to solve the issue without hurting the feelings of the child. Let the kid know that as parents you are always there to help him/her. 

As parents always take care that your kid must get an ample amount of sound sleep of 6-8 hours and that too without disturbance. Kids also need a complete sleep so parents need to make a schedule of early to bed and early to rise for the kids. Also at night no video games and no animated movies. Instead as parents you should read some good bed stories to them which can enhance their knowledge and vocabulary. This will make them curious that if one story can make them so happy then in school, they will be able to learn more and plenty of knowledgeable things and they will wish to go to the school in the morning. If you cannot find anything wrong with the kid and still the school anxiety exists with the kid then talk to the tutors of the kids and discuss the issue so that they can find the root cause of the issue. As parents, take part in the educational process of your kid. You don’t need to be the Adolf Hitler of your kid’s life, instead try to be his/her all time buddy & the best buddy with whom he or she can discuss everything without hesitation and can answer to his/her all queries.

Joe Calvin
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