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Virtual weddings have become a common occurrence, as many events have forced them to change their plans. Here are some of the best options for streaming your wedding live, from social media to casual apps.

Facebook + Instagram Live streaming of your wedding

If you’re looking for a platform that everyone can easily access, social media seems to be an obvious choice. Facebook and Instagram are the most commonly used “live” social networking apps. The process is very simple and all you have to do is press a button. However, these platforms have limitations, such as no privacy, so your Livestream will be accessible to anyone who can view your profile. And according to their policy, you will not be able to use any copyrighted paths.


If you don’t want your wedding live stream service to be reported on social media, the app is another great option. The EventLive app works on any iPhone, Android, iPad or tablet device and will easily transfer your day. For small weddings, you can use the app for free and pass the ceremony to up to five spectators. If you’re planning a larger wedding, their “Classic” package offers unlimited streaming, HD resolution, and all-in-one playback for just $ 50. This app is a solid choice to stream your wedding live.


As with most technologies, don’t forget to provide your home with a strong wifi signal and experiment before your wedding day to get the best viewing experience for your guests. . Your wedding flow is a great way to bring together virtual people. Not sure how to plan your other special day? Read our best tips on planning a virtual wedding! We will help you to buy a home wedding dress! Contact us to learn more about virtual wedding shop options.

Joy is actually a wedding planning website but offers its own service for couples interested in conveying your wedding. To view this feature with a wedding website, you must have an account on Joy. Choose one of the streaming platforms, Vimeo or YouTube, so that your big day will be played automatically through your website. Joy also allows you to collect feedback for your live stream, save your video, record it for storage, and send a virtual thank-you note to your guests.

Google Hangouts

It’s free to use, and you don’t need to upgrade your premium plan to reach a wider audience. It allows you to transfer up to 9 people, but play on YouTube at the same time. You can make a video public, private, or non-public, depending on how many people are watching. Google Hangouts is available both on your computer or phone, so visitors can choose the experience for themselves.

Going outside

Autumn is known for its beautiful weather, which can eliminate both cold and extreme heat. This is the perfect season for a walk in the fresh air and an outdoor wedding. Create an outdoor seat using a bale of grass with a guest blanket. You can add a few outdoor games for your guests during the reception, such as baseball, giant jenga, and bandi games. I recommend ending the night with a fire surrounded by family and friends, sharing stories and doing more!

Funny leaves

An important part of autumn is the beautiful leaves that grow bright red, orange and brown. Choose some of your favorite autumn leaves in seasonal colors and combine them with your weddings, festivals and decorations. You can create a gorgeous floral crown for yourself for the bride and florist to wear on your wedding day.