Movies for Kids to Watch on Halloween

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It’s that time of the year when you’ll see every other store and monument decorated with spooky ornaments, lighting, and carved-out pumpkins. Y, yes, we are talking about Halloween. The spooky season is already upon us and it’s about time because many people were unable to celebrate Halloween last year. Last year, many of our festivals were faded out in the light of the ongoing crisis of COVID 19 and the lockdown that followed it. Many people were sad seeing this situation. Hhowever, now, since we have the vaccines in place and situations are getting better, we hope to see the spirit of the festival returning and especially for kids, who wait for Halloween all year long just to wear cool and spooky costumes and go trick or treating.

Staying Indoors this Halloween

The biggest fear that most parents have is the safety of their children. While there might may be more than one way to go about it, people take health and safety quite seriously especially when it’s regarding their children. The threat might have beenmay have subsided, but the situation is still unsure, and in light of it, people are still keen on remaining inside of their homes and avoiding physical contact as much as possible. 

Staying locked in your houses does affect the mental health of a normal human being and this effect is amplified in terms of kids, who can’t get the hang of the situations prevalent currently and have to miss out on events like Halloween by staying indoors. But staying indoors doesn’t mean that kids should miss out on all the fun. Many activities can be performed from the safety of our houses like decorating it and putting up a movie on the TV that the whole family can enjoy.

Speaking about of TV, it has been the major source of entertainment for people along with the internet during the pandemic and lockdown. The drastic increase in demand for TV consumption can be seen through stats as well, according to which, TV watching has increased for the first time in 10 years. The report coming from eMarketer states that there has been an increase of 8.3 million in TV watchers this year alone, which brings up the total watchers at 287.3 million in the US, alone and this is evidently an incident-based occurrence. 

Those who have not subscribed to traditional cable are opting for other options like streaming apps but the factor of TV watching is still there, despite some slight changes in the medium. This change in trend is keenly being observed by cable TV providers. Tthat’s why we have seen that providers are now offering immense discounts and major providers like Cox, AT&T, Xfinity, and TWC TV are not only offering discounts but are also giving out their TV apps bundled with their cable plans. 

Movies for Kids to Watch this Halloween

Surprisingly, Halloween isn’t all about creepy costumes and scary stories. It’s also about fun, spooky and kid-friendly entertainment. So, whether your kids want to dress up in their favorite superhero, princess, or cartoon character costumes or they want to spend a special evening watching classic scary movies or action films, there are lots of ways to make it happen. For precisely this reason, we have compiled a list of fun-filled and scary movies especially for kids to watch and enjoy during this Halloween. 

Hocus Pocus (1993)

Hocus Pocus is an American comedy horror film directed by Kenny Ortega and written by Matthew Bright. The film stars Bette Midler as the witch who casts a spell on three sisters in order to lure them to a house of horror. It is based on the 1977 novel Hocus Pocus by Sue Monk Kidd and was the first movie to be produced by Disney’s Touchstone Pictures. It is considered a classic movie among fans and is especially premiered and watched during the Halloween season. Surprisingly, this movie was a commercial failure that resulted in an estimated loss of $16.5 million dollars for Disney. Hhowever, it was rediscovered by the audience later through TV and the annual watching during the Halloween seasons made this movie a cult classic among fans.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

It is a stop motion animated film, which is a unique filmmaking style in the world of CGI. Directed by Henry Selick and written by Tim Burton, it is based on the concept of his short story “Jack and the Beanstalk”, which was originally published in the October 1986 issue of Disney Adventures magazine. Conceived from the brilliant mind of legendary filmmaker Tim Burton comes this interesting tale of the protagonist by the name of Jack Skellington, who is the king of fictional “Halloween Town,” and how through several unfortunate events, he reaches “Christmas Town” and becomes obsessed with the holiday. It is not a conventional story and shows that people cannot be painted as black or white, hero or villains and there’s something good in all of us. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas was produced by Walt Disney Pictures and released by Touchstone Pictures. It is aAnother one of that classic Halloween flick and is the second one produced by Disney’s Touchstone Pictures after Hocus Pocus. Iit was nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects. It is aA film that is loved by children of all ages and is a movie, that even you would have seen growing up, making it a perfect family movie.

Coco (2017)

Coco is a 2017 American 3D computer-animated comedy film directed by Lee Unkrich and co-written with Adrian Molina. The plot follows Miguel Rivera, a young boy in the fictional Mexican town of Maravilla, who is struggling to understand his family’s history and why they moved away from their hometown when he was a child. This movie gives us a glimpse of Mexican culture especially their music and the centerpiece being the Day of the Dead, which holds significant importance in Mexican culture. In this movie Miguel loves signing but his family disapproves of his actions and he suddenly stumbles in the land of the dead, where he learns that his grandfather was a legendary singer. This movie is not only enjoyable but also gives an authentic and emotional message regarding family, the art of letting go, and following one’s passion.


Due to the ongoing health crisis, you should definitely think about planning this year’s Halloween celebrations at home with your kids. There are a lot of options on what can be done and this article is created keeping in mind the movies that are scary but brings out a positive message as well, so you can have family time at home with your kids while also enjoying the festive season. Whatever way you choose, the Halloween celebration should be fun, but of course, safety should be your first priority.  when thinking about this, and watching a movie at home is probably the best bet regarding providing safety and entertainment for your kids.

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