Orphan sponsorship provide facilities to children

Hope now orphan sponsorship is a program for orphans of Ukraine. Hope now works with many other orphanages to fulfil the children basic needs and showing love to them. For this purpose hope now provides love, care, counselling, hygiene, nutrition, education along with food and clothes to each child. Hope now is trusted orphanage where your given money will be invested for better future of children. Hope now also support poor families and guide them properly.

Hope now provides home, basic needs and education to 200 children aged 6 to 16 years. The goal of this orphanage is to provide Jesus love to all infants, teens and children. Director of this orphanage Cyndee Knight is working day and night to support people and help needy.

Your monthly sponsorship provide these facilities to children:

Children come from different backgrounds, their parents abandon some of them and some of them do not even have parents or lose one of them. Some parents are unable to raise the child are the children are welcomed to the orphanage.

Your monthly sponsorship of 25$ will provide facilities to children and helps orphanage building because orphanage building is 230 years old and it needs construction. Staff of the orphanage is contributing their part in making the life of orphans better.

Urgent medical care

Medical care is provided to every child in case of any accident and injury. Regular basis checkup is also done for their better health. Nutrition of every children is responsibility of orphanage.

Warm clothes:

Warm clothes are need of every children because of surrounding environment. To buy expensive warm clothes this orphanage needs more money and government funds are not enough to meet circumstances.

Personal mentor:

Staff of orphanage guide every children, gives christian education and tells them what to do in future. Its difficult to manage this all in low budget. Staff also gives graduation advice to children.

Hygiene support and prayer partner:

Every child in orphanage is provided with good hygiene support and also educate them about prayer.

Orphanage repair:

Orphanage repair is also compulsory to provide them better environment and home like residence.

Government funds:

Government provides the fund and interested in the better future of children but expenses are very high therefore orphans in need your support. Underpaid staff is doing his best for development and future of orphanage and children. Government funds are utilized for general purposes but you can sponsor a child to show love to children.

Orphan sponsorship;

You can meet sponsored child in person on fall trip. You can also join as a leader in our annual shpola summer camp. You can visit shpola orphanage to distribute sponsorship card and gifts to child. When you sponsored a child then you become responsible for birthday gifts, letter writing and giving 25$ per month. This monthly sponsorship gives child new hope and you enter in a relationship with this through prayer.

Hope now has a strong relationship with shpola orphanage and 2$ from your monthly gift is needed to overhead this program.