The Pros and Cons of a Small Business Using WordPress

Although WordPress can be a good match for some people, it isn’t right for everyone. Every business is different and so will be their requirements of web development. However, WordPress development is a great way for the businesses to start building their online presence.

This post offers guidance, pros and cons every small business should consider before opting for custom WordPress website development services in Sweden.


  1. Best for business looking for low maintenance

WordPress is the right CMS to use for the job if you seek to promote a presence online. Creating a WordPress website is easy to do. By setting titles and metadata descriptions for your web pages, you can be ranked for your own brand name without much effort.

  1. There are free plugins and themes

There are various themes and plugins available for making websites stand out.

To find a free WordPress theme, one can check the directory to see when the theme was released, when it was last updated, and if the theme creator has responsive support. Many theme developers have their own forums, but while WordPress has its own forum for theme designers, many prefer to have a forum according to their own website, so if you see a forum for a theme looking deserted, you might wonder whether the developer is providing help elsewhere. If the developer is no longer offering support, you cannot use their theme as a basis for continued development.

  1. WordPress offers consistent updates 

Established websites appear to suffer hacking very often because they are older. With WordPress, there is a daily update to correct any security vulnerabilities. Using good plugins and themes from reputable developers will provide a high level of security updates as well.

  1. Leverage a huge user base 

If you have any problems with your website, the WordPress forum is packed with knowledgeable tools and experts. The problem you are having has already been faced by someone else, so a solution can be found without asking for assistance from anyone.


  1. WordPress is not a comprehensive solution 

Even if WordPress is really competent, you might be better off customizing a website than designing a bespoke one. To produce a website with a high number of interconnected features, WordPress can require some additional customization.

  1. Plenty of disreputable theme sellers

Cheap themes aren’t high in quality, so you might be tempted to buy a cheap theme. The biggest challenge with cheap themes is that it may be that the creator has reskinned a common theme and sold it as their own, and they could cease support and avoid updating it after you have purchased it.

If you want a WordPress free theme, download it from the official WordPress directory, and if you want a paid theme, purchase it from a reputable source to ensure successful WordPress development.

  1. Not an ideal choice for small eCommerce businesses

A WordPress plugin can sell your products for you, but you can only have a small range of options depending on a plugin. With WordPress, several eCommerce CMS’s offer add-ons, and these add-ons also give you the customization you need.

  1. Difficult for novice users 

It is effortless for beginners to build a WordPress website, but it can (might) be difficult for them to add additional features or customize their site to their tastes. Those who wish to improve their site will also need an understanding of HTML and CSS to make changes successfully.

Several themes can be readily set up with minimal setup, but complete user control and customization are always required for those who like to code. Free themes appear to not be very customizable without knowledge of CSS, but premium themes also let the user customize more elements.


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