Psychometric tests: A scientific way to identify courses for a successful career

There is a popular saying – A fish cannot be judged by its ability to climb a tree. Else it will always be labelled as a failure. 

Simply put, it means that people are different and each one has a different talent. A person who may excel at fashion designing, need not excel in numbers. 

And this is exactly where psychometric tests help! 

What are the psychometric tests? 

These are scientific tests. They identify your strengths and weaknesses. And cross check them against your areas of interest. The result? Identifying careers in which the chances of success is high!  

For example, a person may want to take up architecture, because he/she finds it interesting. However, he may be weak in mathematical calculations. Thus, lacking the skill required to be an architect 

On the other hand, another person may have the calculation skills but no interest in designing. Such a person will also be a misfit as an architect

How do these psychometric tests work?

The candidate is given a list of questions to answer. Based on the answers given, the candidate’s interests and his capability to convert those interests into a successful career is measured.

The tests suggest various professions and industries which match the candidates’ interests as well as strengths. 

They also suggest which courses the candidate can take to increase his knowledge and better his chances in the industry. 

There are many career counsellors who administer such tests. There is also free online psychometric test available 

Why are these tests important?  

As career counsellor, Dr. Anita Ramchandani says, “I meet so many young people these days who are unhappy with their career choice. I had a student, Karishma, She was a Mathematics topper. 

So her parents suggested taking up Commerce. But was miserable in her job as an accountant.  

When I spoke to her, we found out that she was never interested in dealing with numbers. In office, she spent almost 8 hours looking at numbers. Karishma calls it the worst time of her life. 

We decided to go for a psychometric test. Turns out, her passion was teaching and she loved working with kids!”

Psychometric tests and courses – How do they help? 

Since Karishma had already completed her degree, Ramchandani suggested taking some certificate courses in teaching. It helped her build up her resume as a teacher. 

Dr Ramchandani says, “I work with a lot of students. And usually I suggest them to learn at least one course that matches with the results of their psychometric test. It’s useful when it comes to job hunting” 

Some of these courses are paid. Some online certificate courses are also free. 

It is good to start with free courses. There is lesser risk involved. It helps the student understand if the area of study interests him or not. Without having to spend money. And you also learn a new skill at the end of the day!

Joe Calvin
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