Reasons Behind the Rising Popularity of Plastic Surgery

It’s not a secret anymore, and research has proved that the popularity of plastic surgery is rising among millennials. According to a recent study by the American Academy of plastic and reconstructive surgery, a 47% increase in the trend of cosmetic procedures is seen since 2013. More than 72% of surgeons said that the number of patients they’re getting under 30 is increasing rapidly. Cosmetic procedures such as Rhinoplasty, Tummy Tuck, Botox and Dermal Fillers are becoming quite common.  

The study further suggests that you can observe an increase in the trend of going under the knife. Particularly, in people belonging to the age group of 23-38 years, the idea of getting body fixations is normal.

But why are cosmetic procedures gaining momentum? Here are some of the reasons behind this increasing fame of plastic surgery.

Increasing Use of Social Media Platforms

Today’s generation is more inclined towards taking selfies and clicking snaps for posting on social media platforms. As a result, they want to look their best selves and selfie-ready all the time. Experts think that this increasing use of social media platforms is one of the factors that is contributing to the increasing number of cosmetic procedures. 

Societal Approval:

A few years back, cosmetic procedures were not appreciated in the society and people getting them used to hide having gone under the knife. However, with the increasing trend of social media, it is no longer considered a taboo. The society is becoming more open and acceptable to body modifications and enhancements. This increasing acceptance in society is another factor that is making plastic surgery more common.

People are no longer shy to get body enhancements and fixations through aesthetics, so the number of people going for these treatments are increasing.

Millennials are also non-judgemental of others when it comes to self-improvement. This is the basic reason why people of this era don’t feel hesitant about getting themselves fixed. Likewise, Gen X and baby boomers are also becoming open to body enhancements.


Previously, plastic surgery was fairly expensive, making it out of the reach of normal people. However, with the advancement in technology, the prices of these procedures have come within the budget-range of the normal working class. Thus, the number of people undergoing these treatments increased as now anyone can afford it rather than the ‘uber-rich’.

Health Benefits:

Other than regaining your lost beauty, there are numerous health benefits of plastic surgeries as well. For instance, the excessive fat you lose because of liposuction will help in preventing obesity-related diseases. Likewise, through rhinoplasties, you can rectify your breathing difficulties. Similarly, Botox has other health benefits also along-with fighting the signs of ageing, it helps conditions such as chronic migraines.

Boosting Self Confidence:

A prime reason why most of the people go for these techniques is to regain their self-confidence. There’s no end to human desires, and everyone wants to look their best, but with ageing, we all change. Some people lose their confidence with this change, thinking they’re no longer attractive this leads to depression & anxiety. Therefore, such people can regain and boost their lost self-confidence by having plastic surgery.

As per experts, most people go for aesthetics to regain their confidence. Hence, regaining lost self-confidence is one of the factors contributing to the rising popularity of cosmetic procedures.

Overcoming your inferiority complexes:

Sometimes, people grow up hearing nasty comments about themselves. Comments like your nose is bulging out of your nose, or your eyelids make you look old, your lips are too thin etc. does more damage to the recipient than the other person can perceive. These comments not only pinch their hearts emotionally but they also contribute to shattering other people’s self-confidence. As a result, the victims develop inferiority complexes based on the things they have been hearing throughout their lives.

For such people, plastic surgery is a lifesaver, through which they can easily fix the issues they think they have. Studies show that after having plastic surgery and rectifying themselves such patients overcome their inferiority complexes and start living normally.

All in all, there are plenty of treatments available in plastic surgery Dubai clinics for all sorts of enhancements and improvements. However, if you want the best results, you should visit the most reliable clinic.

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