Resolved:How does Chime P2P Service Work?

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Make direct transfers with Chime P2P services.

Isn’t it amazing! An online bank has P2P services.

Chime can only provide such features.

Chime Digi Bank has a remarkable Peer to Peer Service known as the Chime Pay Friends. It allows you to make direct transfers. Chime Pay Friends works like any other payment transfer apps. It also looks after the safety your mortgage, credit card and payments. The Chime Pay Friends is a costless service. But, it has a specific limit. Here, we will have an overall discussion of the Chime Pay Friends Limit.

Chime P2P Service

The Chime P2P feature is popularly known as the Chime Pay Friends. The feature is a bit different from other direct transfers app. However, the functions are almost the same. Chime Pay Friends is directly linked to your bank account. Hence, you don’t have to do it manually, unlike any other P2P app. You can send money through Chime Pay Friends through the given procedure.

Send Money through Chime Pay Friends

  • Open your Chime app or log in to your Chime account
  • Go to ​Move Money​tab
  • Click on ​Transfers​button
  • Press ​Pay Friends
  • Carefully fill in the details asked. It includes recipients name, Chime nickname, Chime phone number and id.
  • Add the reason and the amount to send the money.
  • Confirm the details and make the transfer.

Chime Nickname Feature

Chime Nickname is another distinctive feature of Chime. Chime users have a nickname. But why are we mentioning the feature here?

This is because Chime Pay Friends gives it.

The users use this nickname while sending or receiving funds. While making any transaction through Pay Friends, it is essential to add the nickname of the beneficiary. This will enable the money to reach the chosen location.

Chime transfer to a non-Chime Account

Chime also makes it possible to transfer money to non-Chime Account. But, the receiver can only avail it after registering to Chime. The giftee needs to open a Chime account after receiving a mail or text regarding the same. Follow the given steps to make a transfer to non-account-

  • On the​Move​​Money ​tab, go to​Transfers​dropdown
  • Click on ​Pay Friends
  • Enter the mail id or phone number of the recipient
  • Add the amount
  • Confirm the details and make the payment

Chime Cancel transfer

Is it possible to cancel a Chime Transfer?

No, once done, the transfer cannot be cancelled. You can make the changes only when the payment is pending. The transactions cannot be reverted. Hence, you should check all the information correctly before making a payment.

Chime Pay Friends Limit

The Chime Pay Friends also has a limit. The limit is ​$2000 per day​. Although it is a large amount, still some people find it to be less. However, you are not allowed to increase the limit. The Chime Pay Friends Limit can only be expanded automatically. The Chime will boost up this limit depending upon the history of the account holder. Hence, it is essential to maintain a better record to avail any such offers.

Final thought

If you are looking for the best Peer to Peer service, Chime is the best option. Chime fulfils all the present-day financial requirements and makes your transactions easy. With Chime, you have the best services on your fingertips. The Chime Pay Friends is also very easy to handle and helps you make transfers in a go. Nickname by Chime Pay Friend is another most exciting attraction.

Hence, Chime helps you in all possible ways. Its comfortable surroundings make it avid for everyone. You will have the most satisfactory experience after choosing Chime.