Robotic POP DisplayVS Digital POP Display. Which One Is Better?

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Getting customer’s attention towards your brand is complicated when there are millions of products in the store. Shoppers have various options, so they have different choices. To become their first choice, you need to get their eyes on your products. Innovations and advancements in technology are doing their bit. POP displays: Point-Of-Purchase Displays are a staple strategy for vendors and manufacturers to make their say in the market.

What Are POP Displays

70% of purchase decisions are made in-store as a result of emotional and visual stimuli. The strategy to make the best use of the last-minute purchase while standing in line at check-out is to use  POP displays. The point-of-purchase display is a marketing material that is used to promote products and to engage customers . There are several devices, printed and digital displays, placed at the shelves and near checkout areas to stimulate impulse buying. These displays, while existing separately on the standard aisle shelf, mainly concentrate on the customer’s in-store experience. POP displays are put into shoppers’ paths to engage them.


Shelf talkers, dump bins, free-standing displays, end caps, floor graphics, robots are some of some of the examples of POP displays. Two of the best and most efficient types of POS displays are digital and robotic displays. Unlike other old-school POS displays, the digital and robotic ones help retailers engage customers at a different level. 

What Are Digital POP Displays

Digital or electronic displays help maximize sales and are widely used in brick-and-mortar retail environments. They are one of the best in-store advertising tactics for FMCG brands.

They also have sensors to trigger a video loop, music, or verbal product description. There are digital POP displays that can read product tags and instantly display accessories. In addition to that, some traditional digital displays highlight the logo of the company with text and images, making them easy to read and comprehend. It will help shoppers to understand how the product can solve the problem.

75% of in-store retail purchases have reached $975 billion in the US alone. A brand can increase sales with a better design and in-store marketing strategy. Also, the digital POS displays are versatile. Digital displays can provide a valuable and entertaining experience to shoppers. If they are used  correctly, they can deliver key brand messages while increasing sales.

Robotic POP Displays

See how robotic POP displays increase shopper engagement:

With the innovations in technology, robotic POP displays have gained the hype. A robotic POP display is hard to ignore. These are robots that can directly increase your sales. One such example is Tokinomo. It is an interactive in-store marketing robot that brings your product to life. With its interactive display, you can promote your products by communicating their benefits and outshine the competition.

Let us take a look at the differences between these two categories.

  1. Real-Time Insights: You can monitor and make changes to your campaign  robotic with the help of a cloud-based platform. Also, robotic displays combine motion, light, and sound technologies to offer more than what a regular POP display can. You can interact with shoppers, make shoppers remember your brand, while gathering real-time data. 
  2. Using Audio Files: With Tokinomo (robotic POP display), you can set a campaign and use audio files to present your product creatively. The robot at the shelf monitors when a shopper passes by and surprises them by making the product talk. No traditional digital POP display can  do so.
  3. Shoppers’ Attention: People can’t ignore a talking bag of flour or soda can.It will at least make shoppers check out the product once, hence, engaging them. It has a great stopping power there is nothing like that with regular POP displays.
  4. Customer Interaction and Engagement: 40% of customers remember the name of the brand. They stare at products that move and speak powered by Tokinomo robotic devices and take pictures and share them on social media, with family and friends. With Tokinomo and other robotic POP displays, a brand can experience a 200% rise in sales compared to regular displays. Tokinomo robotic POP displays can be used for sampling during the current COVID19 pandemic. They are a safe way to make shoppers try your products.

Robotic POP displays offer multiple options to promote products, and they are the future. Amaze your customers by relying on the latest technological trends. So, pick what’s best for your brand and achieve your business objectives without any delays.