Should you Travel During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

With the growing number of nations that starts to process reopening of domestic and local tourist destinations, various governments (to include Philippines) and states have changed their travel warnings and restrictions – all to avoid further spread of COVID-19 Pandemic.

Who would have thought that movies about viruses will to happen in reality? The situation around the world drastically change when coronavirus hits in and what’s sad about it? We won’t have our old normal for years – including travel.

The New Norm Travel

We all know that packing our bags, and embarking to new destinations has a positive power and influence not only for our health but also for our wellbeing. But, with the Pandemic, our sweet escape might be a little bit challenging than it used to.

Here are some tips to consider before traveling this Pandemic:

Where are you traveling?

When you travel, you’ll have greater exposure to enclosed spaces like hotels, restaurants, bars, even public restrooms. If you’re travelling locally like Cebu, as Queen City of the South, search on what’s the latest update of COVID-19 in Cebu and heads up on what might be your needs for travel in order not to increase your chances of contacting the virus.

Going abroad for non-essential travel as of this point might not be advised, although you can gradually prepare your visa requirements such as Birth Certificate under PSA, NBI clearance online application for Immigration use, Passport update et al.

Will you travel by air, sea or land?

A lot of people from different ports of origin are moving through Airports, which makes it as a high-risk area. So it really makes sense why it’s considered a hot zone for contagious diseases, and you might as well have noticed those Quarantine cameras before you step on Customs check, right?

On the other hand, once you’re in flight and everyone puts on a mask plus follow greater than 6 feet apart distancing, and surfaces are cleaned, your risk decreases.

Your Accommodation

Although there are risk-reduction protocols that are followed by hotels, airbnb’s, or any lodging options, the risk of acquiring the virus will be higher in areas where a number of people stay. You can reserve a place wherein less headcount of people would choose to visit.

Your Itinerary

Activities that doesn’t follow  6 feet distancing restrictions will not do good for you. Activities such as trekking, camping, or a simple walking in an area that allows you to maintain safe distance from other people can keep you out at risk.  Avoid over touristic spots, crowded areas are prone to easy-transmission.

Ensuring the Safe Travel

Understand that coronavirus is a respiratory virus, and it makes more sense to protect ourselves from it plus, critically follow protocols related to it. While we all want to get back on how lovely our travel days were, let’s get in-depth with safety measures to guard ourselves from the spreading COVID-19, should we decide to travel soon.

  1. Practice good hygiene, wash your hands properly.

Washing our hands in a count of 1,2,3 will not be a good habit this Pandemic. There are proper ways and standard time to wash your hands well. Whether you’re travelling or not, it’s your best shield from viruses.

  • Do not touch your face.

Your nose, eyes, and mouth are the primary routes of transmission, keep your hands away from it – all best, keep your hands away from your face.

  • Wear Mask.

This is so unusual, especially in the Philippines. We don’t get to wear mask easy unlike Japan, China, or Korea. It’s a whole new thing, just remember that respiratory droplet brought by coronavirus carrier may contaminate a surface. So protect yourself by covering importantly, your mouth and nose.

  • Physical Distancing

Virus-droplets can travel through the air, and if you won’t keep the distance to people you’re talking to, then you may acquire it easily.

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