Some Facts About The Photoelectric Smoke Detector

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What Is A Photoelectric Smoke Detector?

Photoelectric smoke detectors are quite rare today. These detectors work more rapidly at sensing the flaming fires than other smoke detectors.  A typical photoelectric type smoke detector comprised on two main elements, the first one is the light-emitting diode and the second is a light-sensitive sensor that is located in a sensing chamber. The presence of floating smoke particles in the cavity scatters the light beam. This scattered light is detected by the light-sensitive sensor which triggers the detector.

According to NFPA:

A photoelectric smoke detector uses a beam of light to help in the detection of the presence of smoke. According to NFPA, these types of detectors are more efficient at sounding when a fire starts off from a flaming source, like a lit cigarette that falls into a couch cushion etc. Flaming fires may fill a place with hazardous gases before a fire smoke still blows up. In this case photoelectric smoke detectors have a tendency to respond more rapidly to the smoke produced by flaming fires than the ionization smoke detectors.

Why Does A Photoelectric Smoke Detector Use?

The different technologies in smoke detectors have very significant connections. The science behind the smoke detectors is intended to alert you as fast as possible in risky situations. For example, a photoelectric smoke detector is well-known for defensive against flaming fires. No matter it is a flaming fire or a burning fire, you will want to be alert as soon as possible. At X-Sense, we are here to make sure you understand the technology behind detectors that keeps you safe, so you can make the best choice when it comes to protecting your place.

How Do Photoelectric Smoke Detectors Work?

A photoelectric smoke detector is distinguished by its use of light to detect the smoke of fire. Inside the smoke detector, there is a light-sensing chamber. In this chamber, an LED light discharges a beam of light in a straight light from corner to corner the chamber. When smoke enters the chamber, the detector detects the smoke quickly and deflects the LED light from the straight path into a photo-sensor in a different section in the same chamber. As soon as light beams strike this sensor, the detector starts to sound.

Comparison Of Photoelectric Smoke Detectors With Other Smoke Detectors?

Other familiar technologies for smoke detectors are dual sensor smoke detectors and ionization detectors. The dual sensor smoke detector has both photoelectric and ionization technology inside. Ionization smoke detectors are the best for detecting quick flame fires, whereas photoelectric smoke detectors save from harm against slower or smoldering fires.

Why Should You Have A Photoelectric Smoke Detector?

It is safe to say that every place (whether it is working place or family place) have a photoelectric smoke detector. Because in every situation of danger, photoelectric smoke detectors has been proven more effective in detecting the flaming fires or smoldering fires. For the best protection, it is suggested that you should have fire detectors throughout your home.

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