Some points to consider in your SEO strategy

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Are you about to implement an SEO or organic positioning strategy for your business and don’t know where to start? Keep these some key points in mind and manage to position your website in the first places of Google search results.

Who are you addressing?

When defining your SEO service strategy, you need to be very clear about who you are going to address, which users you want to attract to your website, for this, creating a “buyer persona” will be very useful. This is to define in detail the profile of a fictitious person with the ideal characteristics of your buyer. You will need to include everything from basic data such as gender, age, location to profession, salary, personality, hobbies, lifestyle, obstacles, and needs. You can create more than one profile to be able to establish and classify the different segments that you are going to target. Creating these buyer personas will help you keep in mind the personality type of your ideal users and thus define a strategy according to what they are looking for.


The selection of keywords is an important point in any search engine positioning strategy since these are the reason for the search results.To choose the keywords for your SEO strategy, you must take into account the search intent of the users, what answer does a user want to find when searching: “how to iron a shirt”?

An exhaustive explanation on the different ways to iron a shirt or a precise video tutorial on how to do it?

With this in mind, by analyzing and selecting the right keywords you will be able to design an effective content strategy.

Competition analysis

Investigate and analyze what the competition is doing in the digital world, from search rankings, keywords with which they are positioning themselves to the type of content that attracts the most traffic will help you position yourself within the market.

Think mobile

Do not forget that more than half of Google searches are done through a smartphone. So optimizing your website and its content for a better experience through mobile devices will help your website achieve a better rating and therefore a higher probability of positioning in the first places of organic search results.

In addition, having an optimal website, with minimum loading times, designed to be attractive, functional, and easy to navigate, will provide that positive experience to users, making them repeat visitors.

Quality content

Even if you comply with all the technical aspects of SEO, the quality of the content on your website will make users stay longer browsing through it, learning about your business or brand, and eventually purchasing a product or service.

As mentioned in a previous article, SEO is a medium- to long-term results strategy that provides valuable information, is easy to consult, and includes visual support in the form of graphics, images, or video. , Create timeless content. Helps make related content much longer and not disappear in a large amount of content published daily on the web

These are just some of the main aspects to consider within the planning and implementation of an effective Search engine optimization strategy, to obtain excellent SEO results it is necessary to complement it with more digital marketing tools such as SEM strategies, Software support, Social Media Marketing, and strategies. of E-commerce if you have an online store. To achieve greater visibility of your brand on the internet contact us! At Brand Industry we are a digital marketing agency specialized in positioning your business in the best digital avenues.

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