Sore throats are a common amongst all age groups. Painful and inconvenient, sore throats make it harder for people to eat, sleep and at times, talk even. It also then causes people to turn irritable and grumpy, as the irritation can become too much to bear. 

Essentially, sore throat is the response of the body to a viral or bacterial attack. Due to the immune response, the mucosal layer of the throat becomes inflamed. Consequently, swallowing becomes a challenge, and pain ensues. 

Most of the times, sore throats are not a cause for great concern. They generally tend to go on their own, in a week or so, but that time may be very hard for the patient to bear. You can talk to the best ENT specialist in Lahore for treatment, especially for prolonged cases, however, certain home remedies are also helpful for fixing sore throat. 

Saltwater Gargles

Saltwater gargles are Godsend when it comes to sore throat. The warmth of the water gives reprieve to the throat and soothes it. The combination of salt water also helps in killing bacteria in the throat. 

Moreover, salt water is also effective for reducing swelling in the throat. It also helps with the breakdown of mucus gathered at the throat, easing the pathway. 

 To make the gargles, simply slightly heat half cup of water; make sure it’s not too hot lest it burns you. Add quarter teaspoon of salt to it, mix and use it for gargling. Do this remedy at frequent intervals. 


Honey is the jack of all trades. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and antioxidant properties that makes it great for soothing sore throat. Honey also helps with wound healing, so fixes any damage in the throat. It also is helpful for relieving pain. 

Honey can be taken with any soothing tea, warm milk or simply mixed with hot water. Children under the age of one, however, should not be given honey.

Lemon water 

Lemon is a great antioxidant. It fortifies the body to fight off the dangers of free radicals. It also is helpful against reduction of inflammation, easing the throat as a result. 

Furthermore, lemon helps the body in increasing its saliva production, thereby helping the mucus membranes stay moist. Irritation in the throat also abates as a result. Lemon can be combined with warm to hot water, so that the throat is healed by the lemon and soothed by the water. You can make lemon tea with honey for packing a greater punch against sore throat. 


A flavorful spice, ginger is also great for health. It carries anti-inflammatory properties, that makes it perfect for easing a sore throat. Ginger can also kill bacteria and viruses that can cause respiratory illnesses.

You can make ginger tea by infusing fresh ginger in hot water or can also buy a ginger tea blend. Add lemon and honey to make the tea not just delicious, but also more effective. 


Cinnamon is not just good for making rolls with, it is also effective for healing sore throat. Part of ancient Chinese remedy for sore throat, cinnamon carries antibacterial properties. It also is rich in antioxidants. 

Both these traits make cinnamon a good remedy for sore throat. You can make cinnamon tea, or milk for relief. 

Chamomile Tea

An ages old remedy for sore throat is chamomile tea. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that makes it effective for sore throats. 

Moreover, the steam from the tea has also been shown to be beneficial for relieving the symptoms of common cold and sore throat. Chamomile tea steam is also useful for fortifying the immune system. 

Hot sauce 

It may seem counter intuitive to use hot sauce for relieving sore throat, but this remedy actually is effective.

Hot sauce is made from cayenne papers. These are rich in a compound called capsaicin, which is excellent anti-inflammatory agent. It thus helps against pain stemming from the sore throat as well. 

One way to utilize hot sauce is by adding few drops of hot sauce to warm water and using it for gargling. 

Humidifier and steam

Sore throats are further irritated by cold and dry air, as it makes the throat even more parched and thus painful. You can use humidifiers to add moisture to the air so that your sore throat is not aggravated. 

Alternately, you can also take steam via hot showers, or use steamer if you have one. The heat helps in soothing the throat, whereas the water is helpful for ensuring that the throat does not go dry. 

However, if despite using home remedies, your throat is not getting better, or if the condition is aggravating ang also affecting your ear, you need to consult a doctor. 

Likewise, if you cough blood, feel lumps in your throat, have fever alongside or lose your voice as well, you need to visit the best ENT specialist in Islamabad for treatment.