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Previously, the decade saw a surge in the number of music app downloads due to massive internet penetration in India. The total number of internet users in India crossed 735 million by 2021. With more than 73% of them consuming the content in Indian regional languages too. Availability of affordable smartphones and cheaper data costs are the two major reasons for this boom.     

A surge in vernacular content consumption due to the easy internet access benefited music streaming giants and helped them establish their pertinent presence in India. As per a study, the Indian market is dominated by various streaming channels like Gaana, JioSaavn, YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Wynk etc.  

As the year 2020 pandemic caused sudden changes worldwide. Not just the privileged rich, but also the underprivileged poor everyone faced the same challenges. Lockdown and spending more time at home tend us to do something extra than usual 9-5 jobs. It certainly gave birth to creativity and imagination. Like an ambitious prisoner learning the science to value every single precious second versus time, many musicians took up the challenge and started Live Streaming while staying at their home comfort. The global pandemic situation and lockdown gave birth to creativity, online streaming and sound monetization is among one of the popular things that has evolved in musicians’ lives.  

Nationwide restrictions gave more preference to online music streaming as a solution to everyday troubles.  

The trend in last year became a refuge for many artists and helped them to broadcast their music in the entertainment industry and insiders. Online streaming helps to establish a peace within to keep the fire of creativity going despite many odds.  

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It is non-deniable that online streaming services are not new. There are many ways to stream audio and music online. SoundCloud has some advantages over the others in the market.   

SoundCloud was founded in Berlin in 2007. It has been expanded to an extensive app that encompasses a streaming service and a digital distribution platform for an online community. It is a great way to upload original music and share with your fans. SoundCloud gives a way to stream embeddable audio pieces for news and media. For music lovers, it is easy to track their favorite artists and stream on continuous play. As an artist, creation of song and monetization on SoundCloud can be a significant key. 

While you Sign up for a SoundCloud account, it allows you to take full advantage of all features- including customization, personalized statistics and manage paid activities. Here’s how to monetize SoundCloud – First and foremost, you need to sign up through your Facebook, Google account or use your email address. Then you have to click on the “Sign up” button on the homepage. SoundCloud is among other music streaming platforms that allows you to earn money each time someone plays your music. So why not start making a little extra from your SoundCloud streams? With the SoundCloud monetization system, you can make this happen in three simple steps. All you need to do is submit your account, accept the invitations, and earn per listening.   

If you are a musician, it’s a crucial step to branding yourself. Click on the profile icon on the top navigation bar, and then click “Edit.” You can add links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM, Songkick, Tumblr and more, and SoundCloud will link to them on your profile.  

Music streaming rocketed in India ever since Indians got fast and affordable internet access in their smartphones. There is a way to enjoy music on your smartphone if you do not want to spend more money to stream music.    

Various music apps such as YouTube Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, who charge for music streaming plans. There are other music streaming services that let listeners enjoy music without spending a single rupee. It is done by offering ad-supported streaming. You don’t need to pay for your music but will have to listen to the advertisements coming in between the tracks.    

You can stream in on an excellent music library with access to as many tracks as possible. Some apps also give access to enjoy the music in multi-lingual Indian languages. These apps can be found on many platforms such as: iOS, macOS, tvOS, Android, Android TV, Windows, web, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Linux, PlayStation, Xbox, Plex, Fire TV, and Smart TVs.   

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These are simple, easy-to-use, and good-looking user interfaces. It has access via AI Assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant and has High-quality music streaming and sharing options too. Multi-lingual options in the last 3 decades has gradually surged the listeners.   

Some of them also have a sleep timer and offline music playback option to be customised as per your convenience.